Girls Don’t What!? This Reebok Video With Kangana Is So BADASS

Girls Don’t What!? This Reebok Video With Kangana Is So BADASS

Is she awesome or is she AWESOME? Kangana Ranaut has always respected her success and has fought back anyone who has tried to demolish her hard work. Well, you know the story! She’s been our 360° inspiration. Her honesty is commendable and her fashion rules are absolutely on point. What else could she do that’s bigger and better? A lot!    

This kickass video with Kangana in the most badass avatar is in association with Reebok. With this, they have attempted to change the world’s perception about girls not being able to fight with a campaign called #GirlsDon’tFight.

Not just that, it also encourages physical, mental and social fitness for women. They have addressed a few topical issues, that we as women have had to deal with at some point in our lives. This video will surely push women to fight back and bring out their inner strength.

It also shows Justine Rae Mellocatro, a black belt in choi Kwang do, professional hairstylist and a competitive swimmer, giving it back on eve-teasing. And she is shown gathering strength through Kangana Ranaut’s words to stay strong and fight back.

1 Kangana Ranaut Fit To Fight campaign

Image Source: Reebok

“You may have not done it before, so make it the reason to do it all the more.”,  says Kangana in the video. If this will not motivate you, we wonder what will?

We believe that every woman has a story within herself of her hardships and battles of sorrows and faith. Inspired, much? Tell us what your story is to motivate every woman to fight for things she deserves in life! Watch this awesome video here.

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*This is a sponsored post for Reebok.