10 Intimate Questions To Bring You Two Closer If You Just Started Dating!

10 Intimate Questions To Bring You Two Closer If You Just Started Dating!

The first month of a relationship is very exciting as you enjoy the sweet nothings and get to know so much about each other. This is the time when you ask one another intimate and may be some uncomfortable questions too. When we say intimate, there is a whole gamut of things that fall under it. They don’t always have to be sexual, they just have to be real and curious. After all, if you never ask, you may never know.

So, here are 10 questions in different (and easy) situations that you can totally ask your boyfriend in the first month of the relationship.

1. When you're sitting with him over lunch, take a minute to ask him this - 
“What did you actually think of me when you first met me?”

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2. When you're discussing your relationship with him, just be a little coy and ask him this -“How long has it been since your last relationship?”

3. When you two go shopping together and stumble upon a perfume store, take a minute to ask him - “What kind of perfumes turn you on?”

4. When you two have a discussion about cheating in general, swoop in to ask him very subtly - “What do you think about cheating in a relationship?”

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5. Be his friend - talk to him about other girls you see around you and sneakily ask him - “What is the most attractive thing in a woman according to you?” - so that you know it too *wink*

6. When you two are making out, whisper this to his ears - “What is that one fantasy that you have not fulfilled yet?”

7. And if you want to find out How important foreplay is to him, ask him "Shall we just make-out today?"

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8. Just when you're sitting and having a casual chat with him about his past and perhaps relationships in general, you can pop this question - “When was your first time like?” (well, because we're all a tad curious aren't we?)

9. When you feel like you need to know more about him emotionally, go on and ask him - "What is that one thing that lifts you up when you're low"

10. When you two have a funny conversation and he is in the mood to joke around ask him - "What are your thoughts about being part of a threesome?"

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