I Tried 7 Of The Weirdest Sexts So You Don't Have To!

I Tried 7 Of The Weirdest Sexts So You Don't Have To!

Being in a relationship can often get boring or monotonous, how can you fix this? SEXTS! Sexting is a skill I’m yet to master but I hear it “adds some fun to the relationship and gives the partners a chance to explore fantasies.” Apparently, my fantasy is to creep out my boyfriend by sending him weird but surprisingly erotic sexts (They worked...almost!). Have a look!

1. He didn’t exactly understand some of the references…

1 weird sexts

2. I was going for sexy not cute but, oh well!

2 weird sexts

It’s time to invest in some sexy lingerie from Pretty Secrets (Rs 1,349) to get out of the cute-zone.

3. I think this experiment was wasted on him!

3 weird sexts

Oh god! I need to get him educated and get him a copy of SEX is FUN - Creative Ideas for Exciting Sex (Rs 1,170).

4. Subtle hints never work...sigh!

4 weird sexts

Maybe I should try some role play with the FBI Vest from Bliss Basket during our next night together (Rs 650).

5. Abort mission. Abort!!

5 weird sexts

Looks like it’s time to return the handcuff set (Rs 1,969) I just purchased!

6. Nerd sexts are my fav!

6 weird sexts

If you need better pick-up lines (like I obviously do), get yourself a copy of 1001 Best Pick-Up Lines by Don Diebel (Rs 192).

7. Whoops!

7 weird sexts

No matter how awkward it was, I had a lot of fun doing it! And if you’re feeling up for it, go ahead and follow in my footsteps! *wink*