I Covered Up My Premature Greys In A Jiffy… No Dye Needed!

I Covered Up My Premature Greys In A Jiffy… No Dye Needed!

My crown is all white. I wish I was talking about my tiara too, but nope the crown area on my head suffers from premature greying. There are many reasons for premature greying, one of those reasons is stress and I would like to think that is my reason (even though I know it is hereditary). Usually, I own this very happily, I love and revel in my white crown and haven’t really felt the need to cover it up. Once in awhile when I would like to switch it up, I’d go in for a change of hair colour and that is when the whites would get treated. But then, the L’oreal Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray showed up and I tried it out!

This magical spray showed up at our office and us being the supremely excited bunch, figured we should give it a whirl right there. The white strands on my crown became an easy guinea pig and my amazing team became the audience and the experiment conductors. The spray comes in an attractive package and with an easy-to-use nozzle that sprays the product.

1 loreal magic retouch instant root concealer spray

What you need to do is, to expose your greys by parting your hair. Cover your temples and other exposed skin and spray from about an inch and half away. The spray then dries quickly and your greys are covered.

2 loreal magic retouch instant root concealer spray

Ok, let’s get down to brass tacks:


  1. Quick and temporary solution to cover greys.

  2. Dries quickly and gives a natural look to your hair.

  3. Doesn’t have a strong odour and isn’t very harmful to the scalp. (Though just to be sure, you’d probably try and do a patch test if your scalp is particularly sensitive.)


  1. Stains your hands even after it is dry, so running your fingers through your hair might not be a great option.

  2. Once you have your hair set in a particular part or moving it through could possible move or completely remove the colour.

  3. Available in 2 shades, so may or may not match all hair colours and roots.

3 loreal magic retouch instant root concealer spray

Basically, this is perfect for those special occasions when your grey hair is getting in the way of a perfect look. Spray on and shine through, after all, it is temporary. You can buy it here

Until next time...