What Happened When I Masturbated For The First Time

What Happened When I Masturbated For The First Time

I was not a very sexual person. Because I had been single for a year, there were occasions, especially around my periods, when I was consumed by the desire to kiss the next cute guy that came my way. But more often than not, I kept my horniness at bay.

My friends said I was uptight, that I didn’t know how to let go and have fun. But that was the only way I knew to be myself. Until I bought this massager.

Let me back up a bit. There was this one day I was really stressed at work and I went into the loo and I sort of got lost sitting on the toilet seat. With the faucet in my hand, I hazed into oblivion for a good few minutes. Then my old self came back to her senses with a start - why did I waste so much water? But boy, did it feel goooood.

A little bit of digging up on the internet made me realize that I kind of ended up having a mini orgasm. At work, no less. It made me super productive for the rest of the day because I was not overtly at the edge. In my mid-20s, it finally dawned on me that I needed to know how to pleasure myself.

Read the book Sex for One: The Joy of Selfloving (Rs 740) to know why masturbation is healthy form of sexual expression.

So, here’s the thing. Selling sex toys is illegal in India. That’s why even popular retail websites sell them under the guise of eye massager, face and neck massager and what not. When you can clearly know that it is a, well, dildo. I did myself a favour and ordered one instantly.

When it arrived, I opened the packaging in a hurry, like it was the birthday surprise I was waiting for. And from inside the realms of layers of bubble wrap, out came this pink, sausage-shaped ‘massager’.

Internal masturbated for the first time

Using it for the first time was initially a struggle because my body and mind was used to getting aroused only around a lover or someone I was attracted to. Not too fond of the relentless objectification of women in porn videos, I played my favourite erotic movie, opened a bottle of wine and relaxed on the couch, trying to set the mood.

Masturbating for the first time felt like a rite of passage, losing my virginity all over again, falling in love with myself, just the way I was. It was like meditation where I could shut out my thoughts as my body took over. It took me a while to orgasm, but as they say, the journey is often the destination.

So, like me if you feel that masturbation is not your thing, I suggest you give it a try, perhaps as an act of self-love. It would help you discover many things that you otherwise wouldn’t even think about.

And, let this massager (Rs 195) help you take the first step. *wink*