What Happened When I Lied To My Parents To Spend A Night With Him

What Happened When I Lied To My Parents To Spend A Night With Him

‘I’m so glad you will be able to make it!’ I read the message again for the tenth time. My heart skipped a beat again. The last time I saw Avinash was three months ago before he was about to leave for Mumbai for his new job. And I had met him for the first time just about a month before that. So ours was a fairly recent affair.

He was coming back for the weekend just to meet me. So instead of staying with his family, he had booked a hotel room and I was supposed to meet him there. The only catch was that my family had no idea of his existence in my life. It wasn’t like my family was completely opposed to me getting into a relationship but I knew they wouldn’t see me off with hugs and kisses if I told them I was spending the night with this new person. Like every other Indian kid, I took the easy way out. I lied to my parents. Nothing suspicious, just told them I had a long day planned at work and would be staying with my colleague after that instead of heading back home. There were not many questions asked.

Avinash and I had a great time that Friday evening. I picked him up from the airport, we had dinner and spent the night in between snuggles, laughter and oh yes, moans.

Internal lied to my parents

I woke up on Saturday in his arms and I can’t even begin to explain how great the warmth of his skin felt against mine. All I know is I had a hard time letting him get out of bed even when he urgently needed to run to the washroom. I laughed as he shut the bathroom door behind him and finally stretched out for my phone which had been in my bag all this time. 31 missed calls, it read. I instantly sat up on the bed. There was a mix of calls from my mother, father and two of my friends. My heart skipped a beat again, but for all the wrong reasons. I called up my friend first to understand the situation.

‘Where have you been? Your mom has been calling me since last night! She said you were not picking up!’ she screamed from the other side.

‘Yeah, I didn’t see my phone. I was with Avinash. What happened?’

‘I don’t know. She is really worried though. Call her back now!!’

I hung up and dialled my mom’s number. She picked up after a single ring.

‘I have been trying to reach you all night! Where have you been? Are you not supposed to even call once? Do you know how scared we have been? Just come back home right now.’

‘Mom, I didn’t see my phone. Don’t worry, I am fine.’

‘I don’t care. I want you back home right now. The friend you were staying with she didn’t answer any of my calls either. Where have you really been?’

‘I have been with her. We were just busy working and didn’t see the calls. I think her phone was on silent. Sorry!’ I still had a day to spend with Avinash and I didn’t want to miss out on it because I had no idea when I would see him again. It was time for some damage control!

‘Mom, we were busy working all night and still have so much work to do. I am so stressed out about our big meeting on Monday, you know. Please don’t freak out right now. You can scold me when I am back tomorrow but please let me wrap up work!’ she was silent on the other end for a few seconds but I could sense that she was calming down a little.

‘I want you to call me every two hours or at least leave me a message.’ she said and I agreed that it was a legitimate demand.

By the time Avinash came back from the washroom I was already exhausted!

A few months later, I did introduce Avinash to my family and they seem to like him just fine right now. We decided it would be better for us if we never actually told the truth about this incident, though!

*Names changed to protect privacy

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