I Let My Husband Do My Makeup… And It Didn’t Turn Out As I Expected!

I Let My Husband Do My Makeup… And It Didn’t Turn Out As I Expected!

Last Monday, I woke up with a seriously stiff neck. Something, somewhere was horribly wrong because I felt an excruciating pain down my shoulder blade and I couldn't lift my hand or move my neck. I had an important day ahead and needed to be at work in an hour. And that wasn’t all - over the weekend, I had had a rather painful visit to the dermatologist for an acne extraction procedure and my skin was scarred, red and angry. I wanted nothing more than to roll back into bed and hit snooze, but of course, I couldn’t because it was Monday! So, determined to look my best and live up to the 'beauty writer' tag I decided to puppy-face my way into making my husband help. Here’s what happened when I let my husband do my make-up!

Much to my surprise, it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be! I didn’t tell him how to apply each thing, I just told him what is what, like which one’s a lipstick, which one’s a mascara and so on.

He knew how important the 'beauty blender' is in my life. Ladies, turns out they do listen to (some parts of) our rambling after all. Or was it the fact that he may have paid for several of these? With men, you can never know!

husband does my makeup collage 2

Minus a tiny detail where he didn't know that you *dab* not *drag* foundation all over your face, his application of foundation was not as bad as I'd thought. He spent a lot of time trying to blend it in and there’s nothing better than a man who knows the importance of blending for a natural-looking base. #ProudWifey

husband does my makeup Collage 1

His understanding of what higher purpose concealer and mascara serve was questionable, to say the least. He thought my concealer was a lipstick and that mascara goes on your eyelid! I don’t think he noticed the death stares.

husband does my makeup 5

His eyeliner and lipstick skills were proof that drawing within the lines or in straight lines were absolutely insignificant in the bigger picture of things!

husband does my makeup lipstick

I was however, blown away when I saw how on-point the highlight on my nose was. Thinking maybe I should have let him have a hand at applying blush? Next time, maybe!

Here’s him performing a highlight-exorcism, I guess?

husband does my makeup highlight

Of course I was late for work but this was SO much fun.  

In the end, I had to redo my cake-up ‘coz eyeliner and lipstick-application was clearly not his forte. Far from it actually. I decided to go to work with just some concealer and a BB cream - that was all I could manage thanks to my annoyingly stiff neck, but I love my hubby for actually attempting to do his wife’s make-up in her time of need.

If you’re curious to know what products I’ve used, here’s a quick breakdown. I promise, this is NOT what you’ll end up looking like.

husband does my makeup 7

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