9 *Genius* Ways To Save Big On Your Wedding Jewellery!

9 *Genius* Ways To Save Big On Your Wedding Jewellery!

Bridal jewellery completes a bride’s wedding look and it is something that stays with you as a treasured possession for the rest of your life. Your bridal jewellery also accounts for a major part of your wedding budget and since it is such an expensive buy, we have a few tips on how you can save cost while buying your wedding jewellery.

1. Decide your jewellery first

First and foremost, match your outfit to your jewellery and not vice versa. Jewellery is an expensive buy and so you need to decide on it and then plan your outfit colour and style around it.

1 buying wedding jewellery - pretty woman julia roberts

2. Set your budget

Once you start exploring different types of stones and jewellery, you are ought to get confused. Instead, fix your budget and ask your trusted jeweller to only show you the options in that particular price range.

2 buying wedding jewellery - set of 5 gold-plated stackable rings

Here’s a set of 5 gold-plated stackable rings (Rs 210) to satisfy your immediate shopping urge!

3. Buy detachable jewellery pieces

Instead of buying a single heavy necklace which would have limited use, buy jewellery which can be used in more ways than one. An earring that doubles up as a maangtika or a layered necklace which can also be used separately as a single string. Some jewellery pieces also allow you to detach a stone and allow you to wear the same necklace more often.

3 buying wedding jewellery - alia bhatt soty

4. Melt the old gold

Living in an Indian household, we’ve seen our parents buy gold every now and then. With your wedding around the corner, it is now time for you to use these gold chains, rings and bracelets. Melt/sell these gold pieces and get new stuff made for yourself. Since you would anyways not wear the old designs, it is better you use them to get something new for yourself.

4 buying wedding jewellery - pendant necklace

While a heavy gold set is what you’d wear at your wedding, you can always opt for a quirky pendant necklace (Rs 3,800) for your mehendi ceremony.

5. Imitation Jewellery

If you are someone who does not want to spend a bomb on gold, diamond or polki, you could always opt for imitation jewellery. Imitation jewellery with precious stones looks gorgeous and trust us, nobody can make out the difference! Gold or silver plating will be a great option too.

5 buying wedding jewellery - dialmond necklace

6. Customize it!

If you are liking a jewellery set which is out of your budget, you could always click a picture of the same and ask your jeweller to replicate the design with your own customizations. Discuss with him on where all can he cut the costs and make the same piece at a lesser price for you.

6 buying wedding jewellery - gold-plated paisley jhumkis

If not gold, you can always ask your jewellery to make you a similar design with gold plating. These gold-plated paisley jhumkis (Rs 9,800) are pure love!

7. Choker necklaces

As compared to the long raani haars, choker necklaces might come at a better price. There is less use of gold and chokers sure are all the rage this shaadi season. Also, opt for necklaces which have a string tie up at the back instead of a gold chain.

7 buying wedding jewellery - aishwarya rai bachchan

8. Revamp the old

If you already own a jewellery set but want something different for the wedding, you could layer it with a long necklace or add in some precious stones to make it look like a new piece. It’s a great way to save some money while also giving your mom’s jewellery a fresh, new look.

8 buying wedding jewellery - long pearl necklace

How gorgeous will this long pearl necklace (Rs 718) look with your mom’s vintage choker?!

9. Avoid buying modern designs

Since jewellery is not just expensive but also an asset, we suggest you to not go in for a totally out-there, edgy or modern design. Not only would these be expensive because they are in fashion but they would also go out of fashion pretty soon. This would result in you not getting a chance to wear it again.

9 buying wedding jewellery - sonam kapoor

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