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Bestie Ki Shaadi? 11 *Easy* Ways To Look Good This Wedding Season!

Bestie Ki Shaadi? 11 *Easy* Ways To Look Good This Wedding Season!

Tired of beauty articles dedicated to just the bride? We wedding guests need some pampering too, right?! And why not, we are the ones dancing on the stage and bringing the wedding festivities to life! So whether it is your bestie, sister, friend or cousin tying the knot, these handy tips will definitely ensure you look good this wedding season.

1. Drink water..

..and then drink a little more! Water is important for our body as well as your skin. Make sure you drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water to keep your skin hydrated. You could also squeeze some lemon in hot water as this is proved to be quite a magic potion to cut fat and remove that bloated feeling from the body.

1 look good this wedding season - woman drinking water

2. Avoid the sun

As much as you should stay close to drinking more water, you should stay farther away from the sun. Make it a daily routine and practice to wear sunscreen and avoid going out during the afternoon when the sun is the strongest.

2 look good this wedding season - Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock

The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock priced at Rs 400 is a must have for all those outdoor wedding functions.

3. Function timings

Make sure you choose your make up look depending on the timing of the function. If there are day functions, let your makeup be soft and light. Use products that are waterproof and opt for a matte finish for a long lasting effect.

3 look good this wedding season - sonam kapoor aisha

4. Avoid the layers

Modern photography, with its high resolution images, do not support heavy makeup application.. The extra layer of foundation would definitely reflect in photographs and would only be disappointing later on. Thus, avoid this by keeping a natural make up base.

4 look good this wedding season - light reflecting foundation from Pac Cosmetics

The light reflecting foundation from Pac Cosmetics (Rs 795) contains a high definition formula, perfect for flash photography.

5. Fuss free hair

If you are busy handling the bride and don’t have time to go to the parlour for a hair spa, make your own hair mask at home. Mix a few teaspoons of milk, one teaspoon of ghee and one mashed avocado. Mix all the ingredients and apply the mask for 30 minutes. Just a single application of this mask would make your hair soft and manageable.

5 look good this wedding season monica's cousin hair scene friends

6. Neutral nails

Choose either a neutral nail polish which would last you for all the wedding functions or opt for a pink or red nail polish. Further, to avoid having chipped nails, we suggest gel polish manicure for long lasting manicure.

6 look good this wedding season - Nykaa Nude Matte Nail Enamel In Very Vanilla

The Nykaa Nude Matte Nail Enamel In Very Vanilla (Rs 199) is a perfect nude and would definitely go well with a variety of traditional wear.

7. Waterproof makeup

Tears during shaadi can be natural, but to avoid a ‘panda eye’ situation, we suggest you opt for waterproof make up. Right from the base, mascara and eyeliner, all products should be waterproof.

7 look good this wedding season - deepika padukone yjhd

8. Eliminate the soda

Soda is one of the hidden devils which causes bloating and that is the last thing you want during wedding festivities! Pro tip: Each time you make a drink for yourself, choose to make it with water instead of soda.

8 look good this wedding season - The Glass Act Bottles

The Glass Act Bottles are priced at Rs 499 at Amazon, and quite a ‘bright’ reminder to keep yourself hydrated during the wedding functions.

9. Perfume

A good perfume can add the finishing touch to your outfit. For a day function, opt for a light and breezy floral perfume, for the evening a stronger scent would work wonders.

9 look good this wedding season - girl applying perfume

10. Sleep

Adequate number of sleep hours is a priority. Lack of sleep can result in dark circles and puffy eyes that you’d surely never want. Thus make sure you get enough sleep hours before the wedding functions.

10 look good this wedding season - Sebamed Lifting Eye cream

Sebamed Lifting Eye cream will ensure you kiss your dark circles goodbye. It is quite a steal at Rs 800! Go buy!

11. Smile

Don’t forget to add the beautiful smile of yours to complete your look!

11 look good this shaadi season

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Published on Sep 12, 2017
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