How To Have Sex While You Are Single AF!

How To Have Sex While You Are Single AF!

“He is such a great kisser!” my friend exclaimed, showing us a picture of her new boyfriend. They had met just a few months ago and had fallen head over heels for each other. So we aww-ed and gave her a little smirk. “C’mon, tell us what happened after the kissing!” another one said, lightly slapping her arm. She blushed a little and got up “It’s a secret between the two of us” she replied pouring herself a glass of wine. “What’s so secretive about having sex?” I asked her “Did you have multiple orgasms?” she smirked back at me “How long has it been, anyway? You broke up last year, right?”  - a typical Sunday evening with the girls was good enough to awaken the Carrie Bradshaw in me. And I wondered…

Why is my sex life considered non-existent just because I am single? I mean, I get it. Someone who is in a relationship has more chances of having sex when they feel horny than someone who is single. But has this bae-obsessed world ever considered the possibility that ‘single and having sex’ is not as shocking as it sounds? So here I am, taking matters into my own hands.

1. Do You Want A F*ck Buddy Or Do You Want To Date?

Get your priorities straight! Are you looking to have one-night stands with multiple people or sleep with just one person without really getting into a relationship? There is a huge difference between the two and it is important for you to figure it out before you explain it to the other person. When you are dating a person and sleeping with them, you consciously decided you like him and want to sleep with him but want to take a little more time before you DTR (define the relationship). While on one-night stands, you don’t look beyond physical attraction because it really doesn’t matter.

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2. Spread The Word

Skip the 100th dating app you just downloaded and talk to your friends instead. The drill is easy and the logic is simple. Tell your friends you are looking to go out on a date and if they have anyone in mind, they should let you know. They know the kind of person you are, what kind of people you will like and the probability of you actually liking the person they set you up with is higher than that on a dating app.

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3. Don’t Be Afraid To Be The First…

The first one to start a slightly naughty chat or the first one to kiss after a date or the first one to take his hand and place it on your waist or even the first one to unbutton his shirt! Everything is fair, we swear! If you are going to have sex, you might as well do it your way.

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4. And Assertiveness Is Important!

You know you are not in a relationship with this guy and so, you can’t be frank about all matters of the heart. However, that shouldn’t stop you from being assertive in the bedroom. Starting from when you meet and where you meet, it shouldn’t always be him calling the shots. Since your relationship is about comfort and convenience, be sure that you’re not the one going out of your way all the time to spend time with him.

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5. Love Vibrations!

Also, here is a little secret: you can pleasure yourself even when you don’t have a man in your life! Yes, you heard that right! Masturbation is healthy, safe and (sometimes) so much better than just sex! So if you can’t find a date but feel the need for some sexy time you’ve still got hope!

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Go and get hot, ladies!

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