Here’s How To Deal When Everyone You Know Is Getting Engaged!

Here’s How To Deal When Everyone You Know Is Getting Engaged!

As excited as you may be for your friends getting hitched, it can all feel like a little too much sometimes. More so if you’re single and/or wedding bells are not around the corner for you. Don’t worry; it’s totally normal to feel a little strange and confused. Today, we address how you should realistically deal with life when everyone you know is getting engaged.

1. First and foremost, you need to curb your use of social media.

After all, it is on Instagram that you are getting sucked into the black hole of wedding updates and announcements, right? Go on a little bit of a social detox and you’ll realize that there’s more to life than engagement announcements and 'save the date' cards!

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2. Focus on your own goals

It’s tempting to go into self-pity mode when life seems to be ‘looking up’ for everyone else but you. We suggest this is just the time to focus on those long pending goals. Hit the gym and get back into your fitness routine or take that pottery class you enquired about last month! Do the things that will enrich and advance your life.

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3. It’s a great time to travel!

If you are sick of incessantly socializing and attending weddings and pre-wedding events, just take off for a bit. The change of environment and possibly cool mountain air will give you a lot to be thankful for.

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4. Don’t bite off more than you can chew

If all your newly engaged besties are planning elaborate girls nights and bachelorette vacays without realizing that you won’t get endless leave from work – then back off a little. Even if you want to be a good friend, don’t take on tasks you don’t have enough time and money for. Just because you are not getting engaged, doesn’t mean you can’t have other priorities in life.

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5. Do what your heart is asking of you

If you are suddenly feeling lonely and want to get back in the dating game, there’s really nothing wrong with it. Get back on that dating app or call back the friend’s friend who showed interest last month. Or don’t. You know, whatever. Do what makes your heart happy.

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6. Focus on your career growth

Perhaps your friends are in a different phase of life wherein work is not their priority. That’s really their prerogative but you need to focus on that next promotion or job switch. Nothing will make your soul happier than excelling at what you do!

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7. Spend more time with family!

If you’ve been all about your friends these past few years, perhaps now is the time to reconnect with family. Take mom and dad out to dinner, read to your grandparents, babysit your nieces. You’ll be amazed at how much love surrounds you when you aren’t busy running away from it!

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8. Your funny bone will see you through

It may seem like a big deal in your head when suddenly, you are the only single one. But we promise things are not as serious as they seem. You are young, wild, and free and there’s nothing and no one that should make you feel bad about this. Trust us, laugh it all off and you’ll enjoy this phase of life immensely. After all, so many upcoming weddings means so many cute guys you are yet to meet, right?

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9. Pamper yourself

If there was ever a time to indulge yourself, it’s NOW! So what if all your friends are constantly talking about the things they’ve been gifted recently. You are a badass-new-age-girl-boss, aren’t you? Buy yourself something you’ve wanted a long time and enjoy it to the maximum!

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10. Trust the timing of your life

Everything may seem a little weird to you right now, but we really recommend you place a little faith in the universe. Think of it this way, when you get married – it won’t be in this cookie cutter way; by that we mean just one of many weddings. It’ll possibly be at a time when all your friends can enjoy your wedding thoroughly. Besides, they’ll already be experienced and can help you out with the planning too. So if you can, put everything aside right now, silence all those funny thoughts and be the awesome bridesmaid all your friends need in their life. Because, no one can do it like you – duh!

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