This Is How He Says I Love You Without Saying It, His Zodiac Reveals...

This Is How He Says I Love You Without Saying It, His Zodiac Reveals...

We’ve all played the guessing game where we just can’t decide how strong our crush’s feelings towards us are. After all, men are notoriously quiet about their feelings at times and hesitate before admitting their love for you. An easy way to understand where your man is coming from, is through his zodiac sign. While it is not an exact science, it will give you a general idea of how your lover thinks and help you to decode not only his personality but also his inherent desires! Read on to find out how he says I love you without actually saying those words out loud, according to his zodiac.

The Aries Man

The Aries Man is an open book.They are straightforward in all matters and love, for them, is no exception to this rule. If he is in love with you, he will do grand gestures to show you the depth of his feelings. He’ll sweep you off your feet instantly and show it through a LOT of physical affection. You’ll soon become the centre of his universe and that’ll leave you no time to worry about his feelings for you!

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The Taurus Man

Men of this sun sign are known to be a little conventional but extremely generous. They might not say it openly but they will show you their love with the little gestures and gifts. He’ll give you meaningful gifts, be loyal to a fault, pamper you and tell you things that no one else knows about him. If you have his heart, rest assured you’ll be a keeper of all his secrets because this man doesn’t open up easily! Also, since pleasure matters a lot to them, he will want to ensure that you have a great time too! *wink*

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The Gemini Man

With Geminis, it’s a little more difficult to guess, since they are natural flirts and have a gift of the gab. The trick to guessing their feelings is noticing the conversations they have with you. If they love you, your conversations with them will be deep and meaningful instead of general small talk or shallow discussions! If he comes back again and again, for more, know that you have the key to his heart!

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The Cancer Man

While this man needs to feel sure before he lets you know the full extent of his feelings, he’ll be super protective of you from the start. This behaviour is what lets you know that you are his beloved. He’ll pamper you to no extent - making breakfast in bed for you, making sure you’re always comfortable and walk you to your car. While some may find this behaviour overbearing, they are just his attempts to keep you safe at all times.

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The Leo Man

With a Leo man, you’ll never have a moment to doubt his feelings. There is no subtlety when it comes to this sign. He’ll shower you with so much affection and attention that soon you’ll be swept away with these grand gestures. He’ll love spoiling you and show you off because he’s a proud man by nature and loves to show the world the woman who has managed to capture his heart.

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The Virgo Man

There is nobody as shy as the Virgo man. If you’re expecting grand gestures and declarations of love, you’re expecting it from the wrong guy. He shows his love not through words but through actions. He’d rather make your life easier, like help you plan out an event than express his love in a gesture that for him is a waste of time. Be prepared for a slow but extremely loyal and dedicated kind of love from this man!

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The Libra Man

People of this sun sign are made to love and be in partnerships, considering they are born under the sign of Venus. The men of this sun sign wear their hearts on their sleeves and it’s all about romantic gestures to woo you! He’ll write you poetry, send you flowers and make you the centre of his circle. All his romantic gestures will make it so evident that he’ll never even have to utter the three magical words, which he will say nevertheless!

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The Scorpio Man

Seduction is a natural skill of the people of this sun sign. You’ll find this intense man giving you so much attention, you’ll suddenly feel overwhelmed by it! If he flirts with you, he’s truly interested because he’s not frivolous and wouldn’t do it with just anybody. He’ll treat you like a goddess and offer you the world on a platter. There’s another way to know if he loves you - his possessiveness. If he loves you - you are all his and he’s NOT open to sharing!

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The Sagittarius Man

While Sagittarius men are free spirits and love their independence - they’ll go out of their way to express affection, albeit a little indirectly. They’ll want to make you laugh all the time, because for them laughter is really the best medicine. While this social soul loves meeting new people, you’ll always be his go-to person, because you are the one that will keep him grounded.

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The Capricorn Man

Capricorns have more important tasks to do than to indulge in an affair. They will make sure that they know the full extent of their feelings before they let you in on the secret. But once he accepts his feelings for you, you’ll know by the interest he shows in your life and work, pushing you to always do better and achieve more. Plus, surprisingly, the Capricorn man is hilarious and will make you laugh at every chance he gets!

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The Aquarius Man

Aquarians are known to be a little eccentric and this is true in the love department as well. While they have big hearts and are selfless, they aren’t necessarily mushy so don’t expect romantic gestures from this one. His idea of showing you his love is involving you in his seemingly weird interests. Another telltale sign is if he shows physical affection. These people are known for maintaining a distance so if he’s physically affectionate, he’s totally smitten by you.

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The Pisces Man

If a Pisces man loves you, you’ll just know it! There will be a deep emotional connection between you two right from the start. This creative man will find different ways to woo you - from serenading you to gazing soulfully into your eyes to being your sounding board when you are stuck in a problem. But the key to getting to know the depth of his feelings is his eyes and the way he looks at you like you put the stars in the night sky!

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