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7 Times Prachi Desai Proved That She’s JUST. Like. Us!

Nancy B. Varghese

Travel Writer

The beautiful Prachi Desai, in a LOT of ways, is so much like us! May that be her love for food and or her favourite Snapchat filters. Don’t believe my word for it?! Well, on her birthday, we bring you the times Ms. Desai charmed us with her goofiness and made us go #Relatable.

1. She was as hooked to the flower crown filter as we were!



A post shared by Prachi Desai (@prachidesai) on

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2. When she got adorably excited about kitty paw shaped ice cream!


🍦🐾👻 #kittypaws

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3. Speaking of kitty...that fur-baby love is melting our hearts!


#furball 😻

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4. Happy place, weekend vibes, favourite book - what’s not to love?!

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5. Because she’s our soul twin when it comes to #CakeLove!


Cake Face !! This place hits it outta the park ! #letmeeatcake 🙀😻🍰🎂 #cakebar #cakelove #cakeface

A post shared by Prachi Desai (@prachidesai) on

6. Chillin’ like a princess in her comfy best!


Its a #park kinda #day 🍃 #nofilter

A post shared by Prachi Desai (@prachidesai) on

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7. When she brought herself in focus and blurred pretty much everything else!

Happy birthday, Prachi! Stay gorgeous!

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Published on Sep 12, 2017
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