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#ProSpeak: *Awesome* Expert Tips On How To Recreate Celeb Hairdos!

#ProSpeak: *Awesome* Expert Tips On How To Recreate Celeb Hairdos!

Most of us are always admiring celebrity feeds for their amazing looks, and keeping an eye out for the ones that we’d like for ourselves. While their make-up and outfits are on-point on most occasions, in this post, we’re going to take a closer look at their hairdos. In fact, we went a step ahead and got some special tips for you from a pro! Presenting to you, hair and makeup stylist Meghna Butani who tells us about each of these celebrity hairstyles and how to get them right in the first go.

1. Pretty Up, Princess

A post shared by sonamkapoor (@sonamkapoor) on

Sonam Kapoor’s hair here is done up with soft curls using a large curling wand. You can use hairspray to keep the curls intact. Use your fingers to open out the curls if need be. Then, section off your hair from ear to ear, and twist away from the face. Pin the twisted hair at the back to keep it neat and secure. You can do twists or braids, based on your preference, and place all the rest of the hair over one shoulder. Finish with a mild hairspray like L’Oreal Paris Elnett Fixation Extra Forte Spray.

2. Badass Buns

This cornrow hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous! First, divide your hair into 5 sections and use hairspray or wax or sea salt spray to make the hair less slippery. Start braiding from the top and move backward as you do an inverted braid. Stop when you reach halfway across. The back of the hair is worked on separately - all you have to do is collect all of it in a high bun. The braids are then wound around the bun. Secure the bun with some U-pins.

3. Lopsided And Lovely

A post shared by Ami Patel (@stylebyami) on

How cute is this lopsided ponytail? To get this hair look, prep it first with a thermal protectant spray, and follow that up by making soft curls using a big barrel tong. If your hair is a tad too straight, you can prep it with a mousse before starting off so that the curls hold. Comb out and collect the top section in an off-centre half ponytail to give it a playful vibe. The one thing I’d do differently would be to pull out some hair strands to frame the face. Another option would have been to make a side fringe and keep the top section a bit loose and not pull the hairline so tight. You can finish the hairstyle with a shine spray or serum.

4. Ninja Like

The ninja half loop bun never fails to impress. Make a ponytail at ear level, and make sure that you don’t pull out the last section all the way out of the rubber band. Pull it half out and secure it with some pins as soon as you like the shape. Use a small section of the hair to wind around the base and cover the rubber band. Spray the front of the hair to tidy up.

5. Messy Chic

A post shared by sonamkapoor (@sonamkapoor) on

To recreate Sonam’s fab hairdo here, start off by using a one-inch barrel tong and curl your mane all the way from the tip to the root. These curls are meant to be slightly tight, so make it a point to hold the hair in the tong for slightly longer than usual. Take a horseshoe section on the top of the head and create a messy bun at the back. Let some strands fall loose in front to frame your face. I love her hairstyle, and it’s perfectly done here.

6. Top Knot Tricks

A messy top knot is very IN at the moment and everyone is sporting a version of this. For a top knot as chic as Shraddha’s, you can start by tying a high ponytail and use a donut hair accessory for volume. Wind the hair outside the ponytail around the bun and then secure it with pins. Pull out some strands to frame the face and make it look undone and casual. You can use Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray to work in some texture as this makes the hair easier to handle and more beachy.

Published on Sep 22, 2017
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