The Naughty Girl’s Guide To Having Great Car Sex!

The Naughty Girl’s Guide To Having Great Car Sex!

While Leonardo DiCaprio made car sex seem really romantic in Titanic and Ranveer Singh dared Vaani Kapoor for some middle of the road sex in a car parked in the middle of the crowded road in Befikre, car sex really isn’t that effortless and straightforward. There is a lot of fidgeting and trying to fit yourself in a small space without accidents. And even though we understand, and love, the appeal of spontaneous, in-the-moment hot sex, take it from us when we say it’s always better to come prepared for a smooth sailing ‘ride’! So here are a few simple tricks and tips to have the best car sex ever!

1. What you wear matters!

Do you know how hard it is to remove your jeans in a cramped space like a car? Believe me when I say, VERY! So if you plan to have sex in the car, dress appropriately. A skirt or a dress is your best bet for the car quickly, unless it is in-the-moment and then you might as well struggle a little.

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2. Find the right parking spot

In a country like India, you need to be very careful about where you park lest the cops come and arrest you for ‘obscenity or indecency’. Park in an empty parking lot or a deserted road unless you are into exhibitionism and don’t mind somebody walking in on you by mistake. Also a word of advice to the wise, keep the action limited to a parked car. Don’t drive and make out at the same time, it’s not safe!

2 car sex

3. Straddle him

The easiest position to have sex in the car is if you get on top of him and straddle him. Push the car seat all the way back so that you don’t end up bumping your head against the top of the car and injure yourself. Also, don’t do it in the driver’s seat because steering wheel!

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4. Some backseat fun

The second most comfortable sex position is in the backseat. You can lie down with him on top and wrap your legs around his waist. That’ll leave him some extra space to maneuver his body and it wouldn’t feel too cramped.

5.  Bigger is better

We’re talking about cars when we say that and yes it does! Imagine having sex in a dinky car if you’re both tall. There’s absolutely no legroom and you’ll be struggling to move around. The ideal car is something like an SUV or a sedan instead of a mini city car so that you can move around a little at least!

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6. Set the mood

Just like any other time, setting the mood is pretty important. Put on some music and remember to crank up the air conditioning because it is going to be very hot inside the car once the action starts. Also, use things available in the car to set the mood. Belt him to the passenger seat with the seat belt and tie his hands with a scarf to the headrest and have your wicked way with him!

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7. A little caution goes a long way

Orgasms are pretty powerful and you can seriously injure yourself inside a car if you’re not careful. Don’t be too aggressive and end up hitting your head against the top of the car or the windscreen. I once accidentally elbowed my boyfriend in the face mid-orgasm and things got really bloody really fast!

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8. Clean up

As fun as it is, there is no denying that sex can be messy! It is important that you clean up after you’re done. So make sure you keep some tissues at hand in the car. You don’t want sit back on a sticky seat later on, would you?

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