21 Little Gestures Of *Love* That Will Never Fail To Surprise Your Hubby!

21 Little Gestures Of *Love* That Will Never Fail To Surprise Your Hubby!

You love your husband and he loves you. This is an established fact. But there’s this thing about marriage - the more time you spend together, the more you take each other for granted. Trust us, the cute little gestures of love such as leaving a love note in your husband’s lunch bag or getting him breakfast in bed still have the potential to set his heart racing! Here are 21 little things that will surely make him love you even more!.

1. Be playful and carefree with him. Be childish, be wild, be funny, when you are goofing around with him. It’ll not only make him feel at ease with you but will also make your relationship all the more stronger.

1 gestures of love - cutesy couple

2. Hang out with his friends, at least when he makes plans with them. And if you just can’t stand them at all, be polite and let your hubby know about it.

3. Spend the day lazing in bed all day! Watch movies, cuddle together on the sofa and do all the cutesy stuff.

4. Bring him breakfast in bed and eat it with him! Best. Thing. Ever.

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5. Surprise him with sex every now and then. Apart from the times when you are both expecting to make love, take the initiative when he is least expecting it. Best would be to initiate it in the middle of the night, or through a quickie… whichever catches your fancy!

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6. Do something he’s always wanted to try, even if it’s something that doesn’t interest you much!

6 gestures of love couple painting their house

7. Bring him sweet offerings like cake and chocolates when you have a fight. He will sure appreciate you making an effort to patch things up with him.

8. Give him nice, relaxing massages when he’s had a very tiring day (and even otherwise) Plus, you never know when a simple massage turns into the one with a happy ending. *Wink*

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9. Sweep him off his feet with a passionate kiss when he is least expecting it. And no, we are not talking about a cute peck. Go full throttle and make the ground slip from beneath his feet.

10. Plan out date nights yourself, don’t always depend on him to make a plan. He will really appreciate you taking full responsibility for your romantic getaways.

11. Chill with him at home when you don’t want to go out. Just because you aren’t going out anywhere doesn’t mean that you guys can’t have fun. Drink beer, play drinking games, there are so many things you can do!

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12. Have lunch delivered to him at work. Order from his favourite restaurant and add a sweet note to it. It will make him feel really special.

12 gestures of love guy eating pizza

13. Arrange a relaxing bath for him after a long day and maybe hop in with him too! And the rest, we don’t really have to say, do we?!

14. Wear his clothes and surprise him when he gets home. If you’re both working, just change into a loose tee of his after coming back from work, and see the effect it’ll have on him.

15. Leave him love notes in his car, his lunch bag or maybe on the refrigerator. We know it sounds like a cliche, but it still works wonders every time!

16. Give him a present for no reason, just because you want to make him feel special. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or materialistic, maybe a nice keychain, a great pen or whatever it is that he is passionate about. He’ll sure appreciate it!

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17. It’s not just men, but people in general do not like to wait. Don’t make him wait for long hours just because you were busy prepping your makeup. Show up on time.

18. Hold his hand while walking, especially when you’re crossing the road. It will not only make him feel very, very special, but will somehow strengthen the trust you guys place in each other. We are sure, it will soon become a happy habit!

18 gestures of love couple holding hands

19. Send him naughty texts throughout the day and follow it up with mind blowing sex! Need we say more?

20. Dedicate a song to him and sing it at a karaoke bar when you guys go out on your next date. Even if you are no Sunidhi Chauhan, he will totally love you for this one!

21. Always, always kiss him goodnight! Just a chaste kiss on the cheek and one on the lips. Never forget this.

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