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Just 7 Funny ‘Sex’ Videos We Found On The Internet! (Thank Us, Later)

Just 7 Funny ‘Sex’ Videos We Found On The Internet! (Thank Us, Later)

India’s fear of the three letter word is rather well known. The awkwardness that sets a veil over the atmosphere whenever the word ‘sex’ is mentioned, could be cut through with a knife. And so we scouted the internet for videos about exactly that. But the result was actually pretty hilarious. Nothing gross or creepy, but legit funny my-stomach-hurts-because-I-have-been-laughing-too-hard videos about sex. Here are my picks for the funniest videos about sex on the internet!

1. EIC: Sex Education in India

A satirical take on the current status of India’s sex education, East India Comedy’s video will definitely remind you of those awkward classes where both you and the boys in your class were afraid to make eye contact.

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If your school’s sex education class looked anything like this please do get yourself a copy of The Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort (Rs 1,129).

2. Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa

Y Films decides to bring to you the ‘sex talk’ that hasn’t been a part of almost all our lives. What happens when a father decides to be a friend instead of a stern figure to his kid? This is downright hilarious!

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3. Let's Talk - Sex (Teaser)

UnTied Laces (UTL), the brainchild of a few Manipal University students, goes around its campus asking the students to shout sex out loud. Why? Because repeating a word makes it lose its meaning, in this case it reduces the stigma around it instead.

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So what are you waiting for? Grab a loudspeaker (Rs 2,999) and get going!

4. Mumbai on Sex Education

Being Indian explored Mumbai, but in a new light altogether. Sahil Khattar asks the city to discuss sex and so much more, ensuring some rib tickling moments.

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Wear your opinion about sex with this quirky Lets Flaunt T shirt (Rs 499) or Art Innovation T shirt (Rs 999) to start and an interesting conversation.

5. Khaney Mein Kya Hai? | Mothers & Daughters

Filled with sexual innuendos, this video is a must watch for anybody who thinks they can’t discuss their sex lives with their parents. Maybe you could use some tips from your mother's experience?

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But if you still don’t, you’ll get all you need in S.E.X. by Heather Corinna. (Rs 611)

6. Long Distance Relationships (Basically Sex Jokes) - Stand Up Comedy by Aakash Mehta

This stand-up about long distance relationships, phone/skype sex and why it isn’t a very good idea. Aakash Mehta is funny and filled with angst that creates a dark humour we love!

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7. When Your Mom Has The "Sex" Talk With You

Last but not the least, our own take on that awkward ‘talk’ with your mother when you can’t imagine anything more embarrassing. Well, it’s funny but also completely necessary, it’s high time we start talking about sex!

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