10 Funny Discussions All Siblings Have Had At Some Point

10 Funny Discussions All Siblings Have Had At Some Point

Right from pulling each other’s cheeks to pulling each other’s legs - siblings are known to create a havoc in each other’s lives. And at the same time be the only crying shoulder you can literally turn to at 3 AM in the morning. Call it being two peas in a pod, or two sides of the same coin, growing up together in the same family means you will have things in common, whether you like it or not. There are many funny conversations and discussions all siblings have had with each other, here are some of them to send you down memory lane!

1. Fight for the good ’ol TV remote

For all those times when you argued and fought with your brother because he wouldn’t let you watch The Notebook for the umpteenth time. So, you just went and stood in front of the TV till the time he gave into your whims.

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2. Weird exes

While either of you is dating, you both do not say anything about the respective partners but as soon as the break up happens, you cannot stop yourself from making fun and laughing at each other’s choices!

2 discussions all siblings have had - jaane tu ya jaane na brother

3. Childhood stupidity

Taking a look at those old photo albums is like a walk down the memory lane where you both recall funny instances and realize how daft you were as kids.  

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4. Family jokes

You both have your inside family jokes which nobody except the two of you can understand. You can make fun of a family member in front of them without the said person even coming to know about it!

4 discussions all siblings have had - priyanka chopra

5. Weight gain

Your sibling is your biggest critic. They would be the first one to let you know that you’ve put on weight and even though it might be hilarious for him, it is unlikely to go down well with you!

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6. Sibling rivalry

There was a time when you both fought tooth and nail to be the favourite child of the family. And even though you are over that phase now, the discussions on how you both behaved during the time would always end with you bursting into laughter!

6 discussions all siblings have had - brother and sister

7. Bathroom race

A hilarious thing between all siblings is the morning race and fight to the bathroom. Get, set, go!!

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8. “You are adopted”

“You were found in the gutter!” Every sibling in their lifetime has said this once! Each time there was a fight at home, one of you had to accuse the other of being adopted and being brought home straight from the gutter!

8 discussions all siblings have had - lies

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9. The “I am telling mom” phase

When you both were young, you constantly blackmailed one another by threatening to tell your mother all the dirty little secrets! This resulted in the other one begging and gifting you chocolates to keep your mouth shut. In short, you both learned the art of threatening and bribing.

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10. Family gatherings

Just like you, your sibling too was forced to attend numerous family functions and pose for family photos along with family members you don’t even know. The common awkward factor of being a part of these family functions is always a topic of discussion for the two of you!

10 discussions all siblings have had - hum saath saath hain

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