Too Tired For Sex? Here Are 10 *Fun* Things You Can Do On Your Wedding Night!

Too Tired For Sex? Here Are 10 *Fun* Things You Can Do On Your Wedding Night!

There’s enough and more conjecture about the infamous ‘first night’. Whether you’re having a love marriage or arranged, you’ve definitely been thinking about it. We’d like to begin by saying that Indian weddings can be super tiring, so please, puhleaaasee don’t peg all your hopes on the first night. You have the rest of your lives to have great sex. Here’s a list of some other fun things you can do instead!

1. Drink Yourselves Silly!

It’ll take the edge off any awkwardness and will help you guys relax! Besides, haven’t you had enough of all the religious festivities and traditions? We say you pour some alcohol of choice, cuddle up, kiss passionately and talk each other’s ears off while getting deliciously drunk together. Now that’ll make it a night to remember!

1 first night - couple drinking

2. It’s Sparty Time

Put his massage skills to test. Does he have a foot fetish? You’ll know now, won’t you? Giving each other much needed massages is an ahhh-mazing way to relax plus have some sexy time.

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3. Gossip To Your Heart’s Extent

Chances are that ironically you both spent copious amounts of time apart at your own wedding. Bring him up to speed with everything that happened these past few days. Hear his side of the story too! Ain’t no bonding like a gossip sesh with your freshly minted life partner, eh? He better get used to this, because it’s a lot like what life is going to look like.

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4. Foreplay Time

So what if you guys are too tired or awkward to have sex? That’s why there’s this magical thing called ‘making out’! Trust us - the kissing and the teasing and the licking and the moaning will all be so much more magical on this special night. Besides, it’s a great run up to what is inevitably coming in the morning, right?

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5. Honeymoon Planning

You know what’s better than having sex? Making exotic plans to have sex! Oh, yeah! There’s every chance that you guys have last minute bookings plus planning pending. So get on it already. For all you know, all this talk about a land far, far away will actually relieve you two of all the tiredness you were feeling and put you in the mood for some sexy time!

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6. The Party Pad

If you’ve had a late night wedding, and your friends and cousins have insisted they come see you off in the room, there’s every chance you can’t have sex anyway! Might as well turn the hotel room into a full blown party venue and encourage them to stay and chill. The night will be crazy and memorable and you guys can always have double the sex the next day to make up for it, if you know what I mean!

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7. Shower Power

The cleanest way possible to get down and dirty, we reckon! Yup, hit that shower together or soak in the bathtub together. It may seem a little awkward at first but it’ll get comfortable real quick. After all, there’s more than one way to make hot memories; sometimes they involve hot water.

7 first night - ashton kutcher natalie portman

8. Cuddle Bugs

We are huge suckers for good, old, clean romance and if you’re not having sex on your wedding night, then we definitely think it’s the perfect time to be cute together. Just kiss and cuddle and fall asleep to each other’s warm breath and beating hearts as your new life unfolds in front of you.

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9. Spice Things Up

Okay, we are just going to leave this here as a light suggestion. It’s not for the faint hearted so indulge only if ready for it. What do the words Striptease, Naughty Games, and Edible Underwear bring up? You get where we are going with this, right? If you are from the bold vixen category then we’d advise you to go prepared with props and everything. PS: He’s one lucky sonofagun!

9 first night - deepika padukone ramleela

10. Sleep, together.

You both are going to be so darn exhausted from the entire wedding fiasco and you still have so many exciting days ahead. Don’t fall sick by pushing your body beyond limits (PS: it’s known to happen!). Instead, hug your brand new husband and choose that sweet, sweet slumber. You’re going to wake up refreshed, happy, and in the mood for everything!

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