Dear Men, Here Are 9 Fashion Struggles You’ll Never Understand!

Dear Men, Here Are 9 Fashion Struggles You’ll Never Understand!

Whether it’s the fact that we have to wear a bra all day (read boob jail), or that we’ve succumbed to societal norms of being waxed at all times - being a woman is not easy! Especially if you are even slightly fashion conscious, the list of struggles is never ending. If you’re a woman, you’ll totally relate to these 9 fashion struggles men will *never* understand. And if you’re a man, be grateful that you don’t have to put up with these!

1. Not being able to wear a dress or a skirt because we haven’t waxed

Waxing. Another thing men don’t have to deal with.

1 fashion struggles men will never understand 

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2. The pain of chipping freshly manicured nails!  

Even if we do something as harmless as opening the door, there are chances our nail paint might get chipped. Yes, it hurts, boys!   

3. Our love hate relationship with heels

Yes, they make us look tall and sexier. But with great style, comes great responsibility. And wearing heels, is one hell of a task!

3 fashion struggles men wil never understand

We bet these comfortable wedge heels (Rs 1,199) will make the task easier!

4. Freshly applied lip gloss + wind + hair = disaster!

What we thought could make for a great picture actually results in a strand of hair stuck on our lips. Dear cute men, do you hear us?   

5. Travelling in a rickshaw means we get a natural blow dry…

… And not the kind we’d like! If only men knew what it’s like to have a good hair day and then sit in an autorickshaw.  

5 fashion struggles men will never understand

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6. Finding the *perfect* bra

The perfect bra, just like a perfect body type, doesn’t exist. Because it’s a myth! There will never be one bra to go with everything and no matter how beautiful bras look, we’re not going to love wearing them. Ever!

7. Wearing light coloured clothes on our period

There’s a crime scene in our panties but we want to wear our favourite baby pink dress. The struggle is real! Of course, men don’t get it because they’ve seen women jumping about in white pants in sanitary napkin ads, right?

7 fashion struggles men will never understand

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8. Going to the bathroom in a jumpsuit…

Basically means we have to strip naked if we want to pee! So while our guy friends chug pints of beer one after another, we choose wine.

9. The case of uncomfortable underwear

9 fashion struggles men will never understand 

Some of our outfits need to be paired with tricky undergarments like a strapless bra or a thong. Yes, we pay a heavy price to look good all the time!

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