8 Amazing Hair Styling Tips That’ll Let You Sleep in a Little Longer Each Day!

8 Amazing Hair Styling Tips That’ll Let You Sleep in a Little Longer Each Day!

Let’s face it, mornings are really hard for most of us! And when you add hairstyling into that equation, things just get messy. Some days you wake up on the right side of the bed and your hair looks just fantastic and some days it looks like it was hit by a storm. There’s only so many times a week you can rock a messy bun right? If you find yourself leaning on the bun and ponytail wagon, stop whatever you’re doing and check out our easy hairstyling hacks. These easy hacks will add some major snooze time to your AM routine!

Hairstyling Hack 1. First, make sure you really KNOW your tools

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You need to understand what each hair tool is used for. This will minimise your morning struggles and drawer space, we promise. Paddle brushes smoothen your hair, large round brushes straighten your hair - this is a salon grade hairstyling tip! Small round brushes are used for curls. You can use a blow dryer to dry and style your hair, but did you know that you can use your hair iron to straighten AND curl your hair?

POPxo Recommends: The Philips Hair Straightener And Hair Dryer Combo Set (Rs 3,995) is all you need to ace every hairstyle out there.

Hairstyling Hack 2. Overnight braids for beachy waves

Wash your hair in the evening, use a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles. Apply some hair serum and part your hair down the centre. Make two tight braids, we suggest bringing the braids as close to your ear as possible. Remember, you’ve got to sleep in them! So braid your hair in a way that it’s comfortable to sleep-in. Wake up in the morning open the braids and say hello to gorgeous beachy waves! Add some hairspray to the curls for extra hold.

POPxo Recommends: The Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil (Rs 725) for silky soft locks and the Enliven Ultra Hold Hair Spray (Rs 299) for keeping those curls in place all day!

Hairstyling Hack 3. Meet dry shampoo, your next BFF

If you overslept, or love sleep more than your hair (and we don’t judge) - dry shampoo needs to be your BFF. Trust us on this, hairstyling tip fixes EVERYTHING! You can easily substitute a wash (or two) with dry shampoo. The best way to use this is to use it spray some onto your roots at night, wait five minutes and then brush your hair out so that the dry shampoo gets evenly distributed through your hair. Sleep over it and wake up to fresh, oil-free hair! Psst! The dry shampoo also doubles up and gives your hair instant volume. So spray some on and backcomb your hair if it feels very flat.

POPxo Recommends: The Batiste Dry Shampoo in Divine Dark (Rs 749) we swear by it!

Hairstyling Hack 4. Hair extensions for added length and colour

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If long hair is not your game but you occasionally dream of mermaid braids, we suggest investing in a good pair of hair extensions. They easily clip onto your hair and give you a whole new look! You can get them in various colours and styles to rock different looks each day. The best part is that clipping in the extensions takes you barely 5 minutes!

POPxo Recommends: The BBLUNT B Long, Length And Volume Clip In Hair Extension to add length and volume to your hair. The extensions can be cut and styled to your preference (Rs 3,300)

Hairstyling Hack 5. Quick hair wash for when you’re running late

If you have really long hair, you probably know the sheer amount of time wasted washing it. It can take up a lot of time in your morning routine. We suggest washing just your bangs, or the front section of your hair on days you’re running late. Your whole hair will look fresh and nobody will ever know!

POPxo Recommends: The Tresemme Hair Spa Rejuvenation Shampoo (Rs 152 for 200ml) for an easy at-home hair spa every time you wash your hair!

Hairstyling Hack 6. Blow dry only the face-framing hair

The hair that frames your face gives your hairstyle definition and hold, so if you style only those parts (your crown basically) you’re set. If you have messy and unruly hair styling your entire hair can take up a lot of your AM time, we recommend just blow drying the face-framing parts. This hairstyling tip works well and your hair still looks fab!

POPxo Recommends: The Roots Paddle Hair Brush (Rs 272) will give your hair a salon style blow dry without weighing it down. Don’t forget to spritz your hair with the Toni&Guy Heat Protection Mist (Rs 638) to minimize any heat damaged caused by the hair dryer.

Hairstyling Hack 7. Top-knot it on exceptionally lazy days 

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When Fridays feel like a Monday, a top-knot is your saviour. Stylish, chic and paired with almost any outfit, the top-knot is the new messy bun! A hair brush, a rubber band and some bobby pins are all you need to ace this look.

POPxo Recommends: Elite Models Bobby Pins (Rs 399) and the Toniq Rubber Band Set (Rs 199)  

Hairstyling Hack 8. 5-minute easy breezy beachy waves

Apply some shine serum to the length of your hair. Section your hair into 4 parts and secure with some clips. Let one of the parts down and twist it from top to bottom. Slowly run your hair iron along the length of your hair. Do it 2-3 times for maximum impact. Repeat this hairstyling tip with the remaining sections of your hair. You’ll be amazed at just HOW easy and effortless these beachy waves were. Add some hairspray to the curls for extra hold.

POPxo Recommends: Toni&Guy High Shine serum Drops (Rs 520) for that blinding shine!

Now that we’ve armed you with these awesome hacks, everyday is going to be a good hair day! Go ahead, be fearless and walk out the door with salon styled locks. Nobody will ever know it took you only 5 minutes!

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