#MythNoMore: Multani Mitti Magically Shrinks Your Pores. Really?

#MythNoMore: Multani Mitti Magically Shrinks Your Pores. Really?

Visibly enlarged pores have always been a skin concern for me, and so, any tips or advice on shrinking pores is something I tend to lap up and try out almost instantly. I was told that enlarged pores also means that one should go for regular clean-ups, where, steaming and scrubbing the face “opens up the pores” and cleanses them. And this is followed by applying a cooling pack, like one with multani mitti as the core ingredient, which “shrinks the pores”. What I gathered from this was that I should apply multani mitti face packs on a regular basis so that I get rid of those horrid large pores on my face.

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I have been using Pramsh Premium Quality Multani Mitti Powder (Rs 166) with the Roots & Above Ayurvedic Rose Water (Rs 160) on my face every single morning for the last 6 months. While my skin feels soft and fresh at all times, the enlarged pores are still the same! Although they might appear cleaner now, and the black and whiteheads don’t show up as much or as often, in no way have they “shrunk” as per expectation.

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Expert Speak:

We got expert input on this from Dr. Kiran Lohia, Celebrity Dermatologist, Lumiere Dermatology. Here’s what she had to say. “Multani Mitti, in the form of a clay mask or face pack, is one of the most common ingredients used to “shrink” pores. I know this will be hard to hear...but this is a myth. You can’t actually shrink your pores at all with any kind of topical product or medication. The size of your pores largely lies in the hands of genetics. Your pores originate in the deeper, dermal layer of the skin and no face pack, cream, serum, facial, cold compress, home remedy, or amount of multani mitti will actually change the size of them. In the same way, pores don’t abruptly become larger, either, although they may appear larger at times. This is primarily due to increased sebaceous, or oil secretions. Still, I hear people say they steam and exfoliate their face to, “open up their pores” or use multani mitti to, “shrink their pores”. What steaming actually does is loosen up oil secretions which will temporarily make your pores look smaller. Multani Mitti is a bentonite, or super absorbent clay, that works in a similar way. Once placed on the face, it loosens and draws up oil secretions to temporarily reduce the appearance of those hated pits on our face. So, is using multani mitti a bad thing? Absolutely not! It will work in a pinch and give fleeting results. However, if you are seeking lasting effects, you will need to undergo laser treatments that work on the dermal layer of the skin where pores originate. Lasers can strengthen musculature around the pore that has become too relaxed and is the only way to actually reduce pore size.”

Real Talk:

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Multani mitti, or fuller’s earth as it is called in English, has multiple essential properties and the condition of my skin is proof of that. It is believed to be a rich source of magnesium chlorine which reduces acne marks and control oiliness of my face. It sure is easy to apply and has no strong fragrance which makes the job easier for me. It dries quite quickly and as I scrub it off, it removes dead skin too. While it really is a magic ingredient in any face or hair pack, it does NOT shrink pores! I’m going to continue to use this pack with multani mitti and rose water, but I will stop waiting for it to have an effect on those pores.