Bored Of Your Blue Jeans? 3 Stylish Ways To Revamp Your Old Ones!

Bored Of Your Blue Jeans? 3 Stylish Ways To Revamp Your Old Ones!

Put your right leg in, now left leg in, wiggle a bit, jump, and DONE! Looking your stylish best is as easy as putting on a pair of jeans. It’s something you already have in your closet and is the easiest fashion fix. After all, we can’t get enough of our trusty denims, right? My best days start with blue jeans, a white shirt, a messy top knot, and shoes alternating between beige pumps and white sneaks, depending on my mood.

From frayed hems to some serious distressing, there are so many trends to ensure your everyday denims are anything but boring. So this past weekend, I decided to explore a jeans makeover to revamp some old pairs and luckily, I had help from some of the most useful and easiest YouTube tutorials to up my #DenimGame.

1. Fray Them Hems!

1 jeans makeover - Bottom Hustle Jeans in Pink lulu and sky

Want a break from classy? Try something sassy. Frayed hemlines are ripped ends of the jeans, usually up to your ankle’s height. This look is casual with a hint of chic, perfect for college and weekend plans. Instead of splurging on a pair from Zara, get your DIY hat on, ‘coz this hack is super easy.

What you need: Chalk, ruler, scissors, tweezers

Step 1: Measure 6 cm from your hemline and mark it with chalk.
Step 2: Measure 8 cm from the hemline and mark another parallel line.
Step 3: Cut along the 6 cm line.
Step 4: Make vertical markings, spaced the width of your finger, from the 8 cm mark.
Step 5: Cut along the vertical markings.
Step 6: Use tweezers to pull out the threads as you will.

Styling Suggestion: Style it scruffy with a boxy tee shirt  (Rs 1,299) like this one from Forever 21.

These tweezers (Rs 120) by Vega are handy and easy to use. Speaking of awesome, these Bottom Hustle Jeans in Pink (Rs 1,950) would be perfect to keep up with the trend.

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2. Damsel In Distress!

2 jeans makeover - slash-knee jeans distressed

Now, who doesn’t love a good-old rip? From bloggers to celebrities, everyone has been flaunting their ripped jeans. Distressed denims have changed the #StreetStyle game for good. I tried the busted knee look and here’s how you can do it too:

Step 1: Draw a line along the knee part of your jeans.
Step 2: Cut along that line.
Step 3 (Optional): If you want a rugged look, use sandpaper or cheese grater to rough it up, and tweezers to pull out the threads.

Styling Suggestion: This baby works with all kinds of tops. Buy this printed kurti (Rs 959) and you have an OTB look!

All it took was a pair of scissors (Rs 279) and 60 seconds to nail the trend. Oh BTW! These slash-knee jeans from All About You (Rs 899) are available at flat 50% off. Thought, you’d like to know!

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3. Embellished, Because Why Not!

3 jeans makeover - Pearl Embellished Boyfriend Jeans distressed

Embroidery, sequins, studs, or beads, embellishments can easily glam up your jeans for that extra edgy look. We believe that, “More is more, and less is a bore”, just like the fashion icon Iris Apfel. So here’s how I decided to ‘more’ my denims:

Step 1: Select the part of your jeans you want to highlight, like the hemline for example.
Step 2: Paste your choice of embellishment using a nice fabric glue (Rs 125).
Step 3: Let it dry.

Styling Suggestion: Get this white ruffled top (Rs 599) to bring out the embellishments. Don’t forget your metallic flats!

Buy this gorgeous pair of Pearl Embellished Boyfriend Jeans (Rs 3,495) and it is LOVE!

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