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5 Times Celebrity Makeup Looks Were NOT On-Point!

Sakshi Budhraja

Junior Beauty Editor

With makeup artists, hair stylists and their whole paraphernalia on standby at all times, celebrity looks are almost always on-point. However, the best of us get it wrong sometimes, and celebs are no exception. While we usually gush over their stunning looks almost, in this post, we point out the times celebrity makeup looks went wrong or weren’t up to the mark, and what they could have done differently to look gorgeous as ever!

1. Bebo’s nude lip that washed out her otherwise glowing face

While that generously applied kajal suits her a lot, the nude shade on Kareena’s lips is where she went wrong. It made her face appear slightly pale/dull, and the overall look lacked a touch of colour. A soft toned pink lipstick would’ve been the perfect nude for her fair complexion and would have added manifold to her makeup look.

2. A gold that didn’t really pop


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This yellow-toned gold eye shadow might have made her eyes look a tad sunken. The right shade would’ve given a more defined and pop look to the eyes. According to us, dusky skin tones and this pale gold don’t go that well together.

3. Too much of bold in one picture

This is a thumb rule of makeup - you either go for bold eyes or bold lips. Whereas Deepika can pull off any kind of makeup and bold looks, we didn’t quite take a fancy to this one. The deep wine lip and wine eyeshadow that is generously spread up till the brow bone was a miss, according to us. And if it had to be bold lips and eyes, the eyeshadow should’ve been just till the cut-crease and not above that.

4. Red much?


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Ladies, don’t get us wrong - we’re all for the red lip. And Kangana pulls it off with great style. However, the miss here is the red-toned blush applied on the cheeks. It’s too much colour and is just not in sync with makeup trends these days. Soft blush and lots of mascara are the two things that go beautifully with a shocking red lip.

5. A lip liner that’s amiss

Applying a lip liner and then filling it in with lipstick, makes the lips look fuller and even. However, matching your lip liner and lippie is the trick, ladies. Malaika, as you can see, used a lip liner that’s a few shades darker than her lipstick, and it definitely isn’t a look we recommend.

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Published on Sep 02, 2017
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