#WouldYouRather: Breaking Up With A Phone Vs With A Guy!

 #WouldYouRather: Breaking Up With A Phone Vs With A Guy!

Yes, my phone is just as important to me as the love of my life (and maybe just a little bit more). There, I said it!

The internet is filled with the ‘challenge’ videos of people trying to make it through the week without their cell phones. The idea of working, living, and practically existing without a smartphone is an alien concept to me. And that is exactly why I decided to do it. Stepping out of your comfort zone, that’s the life, isn’t it?

My verdict after the challenge? You can abduct my boyfriend (don’t kill him), but PLEASE give my phone back to me!

But wait! Before you grab pitchforks and call me a heartless cyborg who favours technology over the possibility of actual physical human contact, allow me to tell you what breaking up feels like when it comes to my phone versus the guy I am dating.

1. What mornings are like...

Without bae: Oh well, no more ‘Good morning, beautiful!’ texts. Better get used to it.

Without my phone: SHIT, I don’t have an alarm! OH GOD, I AM LATE! *runs out of the house almost forgetting pants*

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1 breaking up - late for work

2. Shows and screenings

Without bae: He would’ve loved going for this movie! Man, I miss him! Is there more ice cream?

Without phone: *Stands in queue for ages, pays twice the amount, and loses will to live*

3. Attending gatherings

Without bae: It’s going to be so lonely going to the party by myself. Guess I should make some small talk.

Without phone: Where the eff am I? *standing in the middle of an abandoned road* I am so lost! Come back to me, Google Maps, I AM LOST WITHOUT YOU!

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3 breaking up - lost

4. Having endless conversations

Without bae: So what if he’s not here? I should call up my besties, they’ll help cheer me up.

Without phone: How come no one has thought of writing letters with voice notes?! I miss my mother’s voice!!

5. Work-life balance

Without bae: Since I don’t have a boyfriend to chat with, romance with or fight with, I can’t do anything but work. Hello, productivity!

Without phone: Meeting timings were changed, missed traffic alerts, emails weren’t received (or replied to) on time. It felt like a Monday, EVERYDAY!

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5 breaking up - traffic

6. The pressure of everyday commute

Without bae: Gosh, I wish I had a guy to wrap his arms around me and protect me from this crowd. But, hey, I still have cabs!

Without phone: Goodbye, Uber. *gets more rejections from autowallahs than desi aunties looking for fair brides*

7. Social media scenarios

Without bae: Ugh, Facebook memories with him are the WORST!

Without phone: What do you mean I can’t attend the gig because it was a Facebook RSVP only?!

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7 breaking up - what is happening

8. Eating out

Without bae: Meal for one for home delivery, please.

Without phone: Wear pants? Go outside? Talk to people for my food? WHY?

9. Shopping!

Without bae: Retail therapy! Woohoo! Heavens bless online shopping!

Without phone: I refuse to leave my comfy bed to walk into a store for a pair of shoes. And I can’t even apply a discount coupon to while billing! No. Just no.

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9 breaking up - online shopping

10. The beautiful sound of music

Without bae: Sing to my soul, Adele!

Without phone: I guess my earphones look good on that wall. *cries into a bucket*

Conclusion: Yes, it was nice to take a break from the virtual world. But I enjoy the convenience and the ease that my phone provides every single day of my life and I will not be okay doing it again unless I plan a REALLY long vacation!

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