10 Bollywood Dialogues That Are Part Of Every *Desi* Friendship!

10 Bollywood Dialogues That Are Part Of Every *Desi* Friendship!

Being filmy with your friends is just so much fun, especially when they respond to you with the next dialogue! Bollywood has blessed us with iconic friendships time and again. From Andaaz Apna Apna to 3 Idiots, movies have come a long way but desi friendships have stayed the same. We still share cups of tea and fight for the last slice of pizza, swear relentlessly and shed our inhibitions around our gang! Here are the Bollywood Dialogues that made their way into our desi friendships!

1. Kaun Hai Yeh? Jisne Dubara Mudh Ke Mujhe Nahi Dekha?

Literally every time my girl gang and I spot a cute guy.

1 bollywood dialogues

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2. Dosti Ka Ek Usool Hai Madam, No Sorry, No Thank You

Salman Khan has been setting friendship rules since 1989.

2 bollywood dialogues

3. Agar Voh Meri Sabse Achi Dost Nahi Ban Sakti Toh Main Usse Kabhi Pyar Nahi Kar Sakta, Simple. Pyar Dosti Hai.

Rahul was a jerk but he got some things right.

3 bollywood dialogues

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4. Do Dost Ek Pyale Main Chai Piyenge, Isse Dosti Badhti Hai.

Uie Ma! Every banya friend ever!

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5. Agar Sharab Main Nasha Hota Toh Botley Na Jhoomti?

Legit excuse used every Saturday morning.

5 bollywood dialogues

6. Dost Fail Ho Jaye Toh Dukh Hota Hai … Lekin Dost First Aa Jaye Toh Zyada Dukh Hota Hai.

That one friend who only ever starts studying the night before, but still scores better!

6 bollywood dialogues

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7. Bread Pakode Ki Kasam!

Better than ‘mother-promise’.

7 bollywood dialogues

8. Kyun Thak Rahe Ho?

Code for ‘stop overreacting’.

8 bollywood dialogues

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9. Ja Simran Ja, Jee Le Apni Zindagi

Whenever your friend bails on you to get some sexy time with her boyfriend.

9 bollywood dialogues

10. Tu Hamesha Correct Baat Bol Deti Hai Jaaneman

Cause a Bollywood dialogue will make your nerdy friend sound cooler.

10 bollywood dialogues

Stay filmy, y’all!

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