These 5 Women Will Inspire You To Get Fit NOW

These 5 Women Will Inspire You To Get Fit NOW

Who doesn’t want to lose a few kilos and look great for the upcoming festive and Shaadi season? Crash diets don’t really work and they do more harm than good. Sometimes it’s really tough to get fit at a short notice, but if you were in need of some weight loss inspirations, here are some super women who have been able to completely transform their look to become lean, fit and super confident about their new figures.

1. Reshma Yunus Badi

1 weight loss inspirations - reshma

A Biotechnologist by profession, Reshma lost a staggering 45 kg in a year’s time, which is amazing beyond any standard of measure. She helps a lot of people out with her tips and motivation, and she’s made some major changes to her lifestyle to help her accomplish that goal. Earlier, she had tried every trending ‘diet’ including fruit diet and cabbage diet. She got no tangible results. At her heaviest, she was 116 kg and her health was worsening. Her secret formula – start gradually and include cardio and weight training in your fitness schedule. She’s constantly advising her friends and peers that if you are obese then accept that you are overweight and strive towards losing that weight. Giving up shouldn’t be an option.

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2. Titli Das

2 weight loss inspirations - titli das

Titli lost over 70 pounds (31 kg) in 13 months defying all odds and attaining her dream physique. She worked hard for this, and she did it all while being a full-time mom. Her diet was the first thing she had to keep in check, avoiding all sweets and cravings. Then she later went on to add functional workouts as well as cardio in her routine. She did a lot of CrossFit style workouts focusing on her core, her stamina and strength and ensured that she got a lot of fruits and veggies in her diet. Titli’s a great inspiration and she’s fueling the fit and fab movement with her Instagram page as well! A true superwoman.

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3. Bhavleen Kaur

3 weight loss inspirations - bhavlen kaur

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Bhavleen lost more than 30 kg over a period of more than a year, and she attributes it all to fat-loss workouts. She followed the advice via YouTube and followed a low-carb, high cardio focused approach. She regularly followed the My Bollywood Body YouTube channel and got the inspiration to kick ass every day and make sure she stuck to her diet and fitness plan. She looks absolutely gorgeous and has really put in a lot of hard work to achieve the look that she wanted.

4. Kripa Jalan

4 weight loss inspirations - kripa jalan

Kripa used to melt a giant chocolate bar and drink it as a mid-day snack, but she changed that habit when she decided to give it all up to get into a more athletic shape. She then found out that cardio alone wasn’t giving her the desired body that she wanted, and hence turned towards weight-training and lifting. She performs squats, deadlifts etc. regularly in her workouts! She quickly found out that all that cardio alone wasn’t burning off the calories that she thought she would be losing, so instead, she balanced it off with weight training and found amazing results over time! Btw, this incredible woman can bench press her own body-weight (55 kg)!

You can work on your core strength with a Pull-up bar (Rs 720). Focus on getting stronger and fitter at the same time.

5. Sheena Roy

5 weight loss inspirations - sheena

Sheena went through an amazing transformation, where she discovered herself through the hard work that she put in to lose her body fat. She lost 20 kg in a year! Initially, she had tried everything and kept gaining back the excess weight, as if all her efforts gave no return. She figured out (after a lot of trial and error) that she had to change her lifestyle. She stopped having junk food and started ‘tracking her macros’ which is nothing but ensuring that she was consuming a lot of proteins, a lesser amount of carbs and fats in moderate quantities. This supported her weight loss through cardio, strength training, and regular stretching. Kudos to you, Sheena!

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