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7 *Awesome* Diwali Gifts For Your Newlywed Friends That They Will Actually Use!

Manvi Malhotra

Senior Wedding Writer

Mithai ka dabba and a bedsheet. Do you know what that is? It’s the Indian Standard Diwali Gift, which we have been receiving and ‘forwarding’ to other people since ages! We have never even given a thought to Diwali gifts, have we? The usual dry fruits tray, goodies basket, Kurkure hampers (we loved them as kids and even do now!), bedsheets and tea sets have always been our standard favourites. But since cliche is no more the way to go, we think it’s time we come up with new and unique ideas that light up the festive spirit. And if your friends got married recently, then these 7 Diwali gift ideas would be awesome for them. Check them out!

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Because what is married life if it’s not sweet!

It’s festive season, and what can be a better gift than something that is actually usable? Your newlywed friends can decorate their living room with this gorgeous cake stand, and not to mention, serve yummylicious delicacies too!  We are sure they’ll love you for it!

Pretty Little Secrets

₹1570   ₹1850   15% off
1 diwali gifts cake stand

Catch them dreams!

A dream catcher is a symbol of positivity and happiness. And add to it some pretty lights, and what do you get? Positivity + light = perfect diwali gift! It is occasion appropriate, and something your friends will really cherish for years together!


₹1099   ₹1329   17% off
2 diwali gifts dream catcher with lights

Breakfast in bed, anybody?

The first few months of a marriage are very special for every couple. Why not be a little thoughtful and present them with this small foldable table! They can use it to have a romantic breakfast in bed and for many other purposes. Plus, it comes with a really cool message printed on it too!


3 diwali gifts foldable table

For the cutesy Mr. and Mrs.

Hands down, our favourite one from the lot. Bathrobes are useful, they’re cute and they come in a pair! What else could any couple want? The material is super soft, and they’ll be the perfect dress code for the couple to cuddle in bed after taking a warm shower (together or separately, but that’s not your concern!) *wink*

The Pipal

4 diwali gifts couple bathrobes

Cushiony matters...

Diwali is the festival of lights and all things bright! These beautiful orange and pink cushion covers will definitely make your friends very happy! Most people will probably give them bedsheets (Standard Indian Gift, remember?), But receiving these colourful cuties from you will be a refreshing change for them too!


5 diwali gifts cushion covers

Perfect for the intellectual ones...

The wine and chess set would be perfect for your newlywed friend who are really suave, classy and intellectual people. It has all the tools they might need to enjoy their favourite wine, and also has a chessboard incorporated in the design. How amazing!


6 diwali gifts chess and wine set

The gift of relaxation

Nowadays, people can afford to buy everything except some time for themselves and a few moments of relaxation. Gift your buddies this spa voucher and we are sure, they will be forever grateful to you for such a kind (and thoughtful) gesture.

Four Fountains

7 diwali gifts spa voucher

Loved them, didn't you? So get down to shopping now!

Published on Sep 29, 2017
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