We Went Hunting For The Best Shoe Stores In Bandra So You Don't Have To

We Went Hunting For The Best Shoe Stores In Bandra So You Don't Have To

The messy, cobbled streets of Bandra have stores tucked away, that cover everything from luxury to affordable, accessories to local street style labels. We at POPxo decided to get down and dirty with this one! With our laces tied up and heads held high we put in some field work to bring you some of the best shoe stores there.

We bring you the kind of rates you can expect, the styles available and everything else that you’d need to know (Pssst - many of them have sales coming up). Let us cut through the clutter and take you through our picks of the best Bandra shoe stores that will be worth your time!

1. Regal Shoes

1 bandra shoe stores regal

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The biggest Regal outlet in Mumbai, this two-storied store offers the complete experience. Housing brands such as Crocs, Steve Madden, Clark's, Cole Haan, the store is a luxe pit-stop! Pro tip: Head to the store in sale months of January and July - their in-house items are on flat 50% off!

Price Points: Rs 1,290- 18,000

Where: Shop No 5 & 6, Lourdes Heaven, No.10/A, 30th Road, Bandra (W)

POPxo Recommends: Get these chic golden ankle strap stilettos by Steve Madden for Rs 4,500. Click here to order them now!

2. Kobbler

2 bandra shoe stores kobbler

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If you like made-to-order, personalised shoes (and who doesn’t?), we have found just the spot for you! This quaint store’s craftsmanship is precise and the pieces robust. From lace-up brogues to biker boots, you can get any style of closed shoes made at this store! If you’re wondering on how expensive made-to-order shoes are? Well, it depends on the style you’re going for.

Price Points: Rs 3,000- 8,000

Where: Plot No. 375, Shop No. 3, Simple Apartment, 16th Rd, Bandra (W)

3. Native Shoes

3 bandra shoe stores native

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The USP of this brand outlet is a collection of lightweight casual slip-ons and lace-ups which come in fun pop colours. The shoes are waterproof and is godsend for women living in Bombay! Pro tip: They offer big discounts on 15th August and 26th January.

Price Points: Rs 3,000- 6,000

Where: Shop no 13, Swarna Rekha building, plot no 449, Linking Road, Bandra (W)

POPxo Recommends: Grab these sombre green casual shoes from Native for Rs 1,797. Click here to buy now!

4. Bata

4 bandra shoe stores bata

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This trusted old brand has been a family fav in India for 85 years! The second largest Bata store in Bombay, this three-storey building has every style you can dream of. Think pumps, flatforms, stilettos, ballerinas, sneakers, boots, running shoes and so much more! Their latest collection is a gorgeous mix of nude, tan and pastel tones.

Price Points: Rs 999- 6,000

Where: 51, Opp Hotel Metro Palace, Hill Rd, Bandra (W)

POPxo Recommends: These brown and red colour blocked peep-toes for Rs 974, click here to buy now.

5. Ruosh

5 bandra shoe stores ruosh

The Ruosh brand comes close to any of its bridge-to-luxury counterparts with its well crafted collection! They are ergonomically designed for super comfortable wear - we especially love their sleek leather designs. You can find ballerinas, skateboard sneakers, loafers and block heels adorned beautifully on their shelves.

Price Points: Rs 3,400- 6,000

Where: No.3, Kudupi House, 532, Linking Road, Bandra (W)

6. Hype

6 bandra shoe stores hype

While walking the length of Bandra-Linking road, I spotted a pair of sock boots from a shop window. Stepping in I found some of the trendiest shoe styles we have been seeing this season! Tie up booties, peep toe stilettos, mary jane pumps and many others were sitting on this store’s shelves. And you can grab these ‘Luxe-For-Less’ styles in the most affordable rates!

Price Points: Rs 1000- 3500

Where: Shop No.4, Kenilworth Shopping Mall, Linking Rd, Bandra (W)

7. La- Judi

7 bandra shoe stores la judi

If you’re looking to shop for dirt cheap shoes, let us save you some time and take you straight to the only stall that is worth the trip. This little nook has sneakers, flats, ethnic chappals, ballerinas, Adidas knock offs and we are guessing much more when you dig deeper! Head to this store and we guarantee you won't be disappointed. We hope you have been working on your bargain skills!

Price Points: Rs 300-750  

Where: No. 31, Sona Shopping Centre, Hill Road, Bandra (W)

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