Here’s All You Need To Know About Sex And Happiness, According To Research

Here’s All You Need To Know About Sex And Happiness, According To Research

Does sex make you happy?

We’ve always related sex and happiness with each other, haven’t we? But is that really the case? And what is it that makes sex better?

Recently, Happify Daily released an infographic which compiled the findings of multiple surveys in one place to tell us what is it exactly that makes sex more fulfilling for everyone involved!

Sex - Married Couples vs Unmarried Couples

The first and the most fun finding was, that despite what movies show, married people do have more sex than the single ones. For people in the age group of 25-59, 25% of married people admitted to having sex 2-3 times a week while only 5% of single people are having sex that frequently. Plus, 96% of people also accepted that sex is more fulfilling when there is an emotional connection between the partners.

Makes you want to commit right away, doesn’t it?

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Does Having More Sex Makes You Happy?

Another finding that was contrary to popular belief was, more sex does not make for happier couples! This led to the researchers theorizing that increased frequency decreases the enjoyment and desire for sex. Happiest are the couples who have sex only once a week. A better sex life, also, depends on both partners sharing their domestic responsibilities equally. Additionally, a couple that cuddles regularly is more satisfied in their relationships because people, especially men, place a lot of importance on cuddling in long term relationships.

Consider us shook!

Men We Love!

According to another survey, women scientifically find brooding guys sexier than the happy ones. Women are also attracted to men who have a stronger immune system and high level of testosterone because, from an evolutionary point of view, they are more likely to survive! Women also feel the friskiest around their periods because of low levels of progesterone, a hormone that dampens the libido! Predictably, women who are sexually satisfied are generally happier than women who aren’t.

Excuse me while I go get myself some sexual satisfaction. *Wink*

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Orgasm City

Coming to the topic of the big O, 64% of men orgasm regularly while the number for women for the same is at exactly half of that, 32%. Plus, only 1 out of 4 women reported to being able to orgasm through intercourse, a number that is surprisingly low!

And The Ultimate Winner Is…

Another survey, that takes the cake, IMO, is the one by Durex. It ranked countries on the sexual satisfaction after several interviews and found that couples in Switzerland were the most sexually satisfied. It was closely followed by Spain and Italy in the 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Want to know the best part though? India was on number 8 in this survey out of 26 countries.

As an Indian, let me just express my pride at that! Not too bad for the land of Kamasutra, eh? We do ourselves well (pun intended)!

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