These *Adorable* Bride & Groom Moments Will Make You Want To Get Married ASAP!

These *Adorable* Bride & Groom Moments Will Make You Want To Get Married ASAP!

If you are a girl who automatically starts to imagine her own ‘dream’ wedding while attending someone else’s shaadi, then you are going to love this feature. These lovey-dovey images of  adorable bride and groom moments will warm your heart and how! Scroll down to find out!

1. Naughty, much?

How cute do these two look with that naughty smile and funny expression! And oh, how can we miss that tell-tale lipstick mark which is proof of how happy and excited this couple is for their big day!

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2. Glances that linger on a little bit longer!

That moment when they just look into each other’s eyes and can’t look away! It sounds filmy but it does happen for real! And it’s the most beautiful feeling ever!

3. Stolen kisses are the best ones...

That moment when they share that first kiss as husband and wife, we can’t even… How elated and excited they seem during that moment! It is something only people who have experienced true love can understand.

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4. He swept her off her feet, quite literally!

Newlyweds are forever on cloud nine because of all the happiness and excitement they experience during their wedding celebrations. And that moment when he just wraps his arms around you and swirls you around, ah! *Dreamy*

5. *Those* nights...

Talking about adorable moments, how can we leave this one out! That last date before becoming Mr. and Mrs… Just imagine what a beautiful feeling that must be!

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6. Beginning a beautiful journey and how!

What can be more fun than sliding down the icy slopes, just like this couple did here! It’s thrilling and  oh-so romantic! They hold onto each other to keep their balance, SO CUTE!

7. True love shows...

Awww! For a girl, her wedding day is probably one of the most emotional moments of her life. It is bound to make her cry quite a few times. But everything seems alright when her husband is right beside her, supporting her and showering her with love and assurance.

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8. Do me a favour, let’s play holi?

This is quite a new trend with couples these days - playing holi on one of their wedding functions. It’s super fun and gives both the families a chance to bond along.  It also is a great chance for the ‘to-be-married’ couple to share some cute moments! *Wink*

9. Yes, yes, she’s his princess!

… And he’s her Prince Charming obviously! As fun as stolen kisses are, nothing can beat the feeling of pure bliss and content a girl gets when her husband or to-be-husband lovingly kisses her forehead. True love just shows, right?

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10. Aaand, they’re hitched!

Her arms around his neck, his arms around her waist and that feeling of finally being bound together, forever! Do we need to say more?