#ThrowbackThursday: These 90s Hairstyles And Makeup Trends Are Back And We’re Psyched!

#ThrowbackThursday: These 90s Hairstyles And Makeup Trends Are Back And We’re Psyched!

Frosted lips, brown lipstick, crimped hair, butterfly clips, velvet scrunchies, super thin eyebrows, were some of the popular 90s make-up and hair trends. After celebrities flaunted them on the red carpet and music videos, they became quite the trend of that time. Today, even though our tastes and style have evolved, we still seek inspiration from the past by going back and forth. After all, just how fashion repeats itself, the world of beauty is no different. Here are some awesome 90s beauty trends that could are very possibly making a major comeback today!

1. Glitter is here to stay

If you thought glitter based makeup was a thing of the past, we’re sorry to burst your bubble. Whether it’s gunmetal metallic lipstick or shimmery eyeshadow palettes, both these babies have come back with a bang! Apparently, the glitter lip trend made a comeback during this year’s fall fashion week. Keen on trying the 90s makeup trend yourself?

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2. Meet the frosted eyeshadow!

From Britney Spears to the Spice Girls, all these women wore bright, frosted eyeshadows in their music videos. Even this 90s makeup trend was a hit back then, it slowly started to die out in the early 2000s. Luckily today, frosted eyeshadow pallets are taking the beauty industry by storm. What’s the ‘then and now’ difference, you ask? In the past, frosted eyeshadow looked grainer and louder on the skin, today, it looks smoother on the eyes.

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3. Nude lippies are simply gorgeous


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There is nothing sexier than a woman who is wearing nude lipstick. As per the 90s beauty trend, some women would actually pat down their lips with concealer so that they could achieve the perfect skin-tone colour. Interestingly today, it’s a different ballgame. Nude lipstick is a 90s makeup trend has made an epic comeback and looks gorgeous on sun-kissed skin.

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4. Iridescent make-up is back and awesome

Today, iridescent makeup is also popularly known as unicorn makeup. The main aim of this trend is to give skin a luminous, prismatic finish. Nostalgic hues of purple, pink, yellow have all returned today in a much shinier and softer version. If  this particular beauty trend is your favourite, you should definitely pick up Makeup Revolution’s I Heart Unicorn Highlighter. The product comes in an adorable heart-shaped box and will give you a dreamy, rainbow glow.  

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5. Crimped hair has never looked sexier


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Looser crimped hair is a 90s hairstyle trend  has made its presence felt again after Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen sported them at the 2017 CFDAs. And why shouldn’t we be seeing them more often? If styled well, they can make any girl look effortlessly chic. Beauties like Bella Thorne and Gigi Hadid have been pulling this look off too in the most glamorous way possible.

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6. Bright blue eyeliner makes a woman look so dreamy

Remember the 90s makeup trends and how women wore blue eyeliner in the past? They would usually wear it all up to the lid till it grazed their brows. Even though that trend is done and dusted, today, you will see women sporting a bright blue eyeliner in a much subtler fashion. To create that oomph effect, some may even smudge a bit of cobalt eyeliner or eyeshadow on the outer corners of their eyes to make them stand out even further. Trust us, it’s pretty dazzling!

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7. How can you ever forget about lipgloss?   

Remember back in the ‘90s, glassy lipgloss was such a big trend? It’s slowly is making an appearance this year and we’re pretty psyched! We mean, just take a look at Selena Gomez’s music video “Fetish”. Her lips looked stunning and so natural. She wore the peachy nude Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lipgloss. After that video, the 90s makeup trend instantly started picking up and rose to fame again.

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8. High ponytails are cooler than EVER

Going back in time to Britney Spears’ music video, ‘Oops! I Did It Again’, her high ponytail literally inspired so many teenage women to try the hairstyle out. They loved it because the pony looked super sleek and would beautifully expose their facial features. Today, one of Ariana Grande’s iconic hairstyles coincidentally happens to be the same high ponytail. You too can try the 90s hairstyle by tying a high pony and making sure that your straightened strands are secured tightly with a fluffy scrunchie.        

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