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#NakedSkin: Tips To Look Fresh AF Without Any Make-up!

#NakedSkin: Tips To Look Fresh AF Without Any Make-up!

While many of our posts address all kinds of make-up junkies and those who love to be updated about the latest products and make-up trends, this one is especially for those who like the au natural look. Sometimes, no make-up is actually the best look to go for. Here are some tips that are sure to make you look fresh without make-up! Flaunt that natural beauty, we say!

1. Mist is a must

1 look fresh without make up

Shimmery highlighters and fabulous foundations aren’t the only products that can help you get that glow. A face mist is an instant pick-me-up for the skin. It is something you must have in your bag at all times, so that you can spritz it on at any point in the day to hydrate your face. You’ve got to try it to believe it, girls!

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2. Keep your face squeaky clean

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This is a no-brainer, ladies. Keeping your face absolutely clean, ensuring there is no dirt and grime on it, is a must. This will make your skin look fabulous and fresh, and will keep acne and spotting at bay too. Keep in mind your skin type before choosing your facewash though.

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3. Heard of sheet masks?

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Sheet masks are a rage in the beauty world these days and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be so popular. They hydrate the skin well and target any skin woes that you might have. They give an instant plumped up look to the skin and will definitely make you look fresh and fab sans any make-up.

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4. Scrub off that dead skin

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Scrubbing your face at least twice a week ensures that all that vacay tan and layers of dead skin is removed from the surface of the skin. This, in turn, gives a healthy glow and fresh look to the face. It also cleanses the face perfectly and you really won’t need make-up if your skin is that clean and supple.

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5. Cooling eye patches work like a magic

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The skin in the undereye area is thinner than the rest of your face. This means we need to take extra good care of it if we want to look flawless without putting make-up on. Eye patches hydrate the skin there and boost collagen as well. Give these a shot and you won’t be disappointed!

POPxo Recommends: Buy the DearPacker Gold Collagen Eye Patch (Rs 176). Trust us, it is a treat for the undereye area.

6. Hydrate your skin, ladies

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We cannot stress enough on the importance of drinking water to ensure that your skin looks fab! 1.5-2 litres of water a day is an absolute must, ladies. You will know the difference once you religiously follow this tip.

7. Hello, beauty sleep

7 look fresh without make up

It is during the night time, when you’ve slipped into sweet slumber, that your skin actually repairs itself. Getting 8 hours of sleep is enough for your skin to look radiant the next day. Besides that, it will also ensure that there are no bags or dark circles around the eyes. Now wouldn’t you like that?

POPxo Recommends: Sipping on some relaxing Chamomile Tea before you hit the sack will ensure that you’re relaxed and get a good night’s sleep.

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