This Suicide Prevention Day, Here Are 100 Beautiful Reasons To Live On!

This Suicide Prevention Day, Here Are 100 Beautiful Reasons To Live On!

September is marked as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and today, September 10, is World Suicide Prevention Day.

While only one person commits (or attempts) suicide, the ramifications are felt by all people connected to him/her. We have a lot of things to be thankful for but in a dire emotional moment, it often skips the mind. To remind us all, we’ve compiled 100 cute, funny and totally everyday reasons to live on and not give up because life does get better. While these reasons may sound a little frivolous, we’re sure it’s the small things that make life worth living. Besides, if you can’t appreciate the small things or laugh at the ridiculousness of life, you’re missing the best part of it. Remember, every life matters and we’re all here for a reason! Read on or show them to somebody in your life who might be in need of that little extra sunshine!

There are helpline numbers out there to assist people but we’ll be more than happy if we’re able to make a difference to even one person.

1. Ryan Gosling.

2. To read all your favourite books.

3. To travel around the world.

4. To meet that one person who’ll make your heart beat faster.

5. To dance like nobody's watching.

6. To spend time with your family.

7. To be there for your friends.

8. To try all the different kinds of cuisines there are in this world.

9. To splash in puddles.

10. To enjoy winter rains.

10 suicide prevention day rain

11. To click the perfect selfie.

12. To celebrate birthdays.

13. There’s no netflix in heaven.

14. Fries, duh.

15. To make others smile.

16. Music. All kinds of music.

17. To know who is finally going to sit on the Iron Throne.

18. To date a few people and break a few hearts.

19. To feel the cold air on your face when riding a bike.

20. To drunk dial an ex.

20 suicide prevention day calling

21. To have earth shattering, mind blowing sex.

22. To get that perfect massage.

23. To comfortably sit in silence with someone.

24. Rajma chawal!

25. To learn the subtle art of sexting.

26. To swear at people when they annoy you.

27. To perfect the winged eyeliner.

28. To grow old with your family.

29. To play with cute little babies.

30. To hear someone confess their unconditional love to you.

30 suicide prevention day i love you

31. To find that perfect pair of shoes.

32. Pizza.

33. To wake up late on Sundays.

34. To gossip with your best friend about the person you hate.

35. To eavesdrop on strangers having the funniest conversations.

36. To scroll on Facebook aimlessly.

37. To get batshit drunk and not care.

38. To wake up to the smell of pancakes.

39. To catch someone in a lie!

40. Let’s not forget. Again. Ryan Gosling.

40 suicide prevention day ryan gosling

41. To finish an entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough in one sitting.

42. To get fake candids clicked by your friends.

43. To have the most energizing workout ever!

44. To have a refreshing bath after the said workout.

45. To plan your wedding.

46. To plan your best friend’s bachelorette.

47. To tag your friends in hilarious memes.

48. To spend a day doing absolutely nothing and still feel amazing at the end.

49. Stargazing!!!

50. Chris Pratt. Chris Evans. Chris Hemsworth.

50 suicide prevention day chris hemswoth

51. To take a walk in the park on a chilly evening.

52. For that F.R.I.E.N.D.S movie which has been forever in the making.

53. To cuddle up by the fireplace in the winters

54. To get your own 101 dalmatians!

55. So you can finally dress up for your best friend’s wedding!

56. For that one hangover free Saturday morning!

57. To get the tightest, rib crushing bear hug from someone you love

58. To feel the sun on your back on a beautiful, secluded beach.

59. To witness Trump getting impeached.

60. To dream about Ranveer Singh’s abs!

60 suicide prevention day ranveer singh

61. To meet an old friend after ages and reminisce about the past!

62. To overhear someone saying amazing things about you when you’re not around.

63. To have a girl crush on Deepika Padukone.

64. To wear the most comfortable bra in the world.

65. To feel somebody’s bare skin against yours.

66. To have a partner who loves sex as much as you. *Wink*

68. To meet a guy who won’t mind your hairy legs.

69. Or to meet a girl who won’t mind your beer belly!

70. To sing at the top of your voice at a karaoke.

70 suicide prevention day karaoke

71. To go skydiving!

72. To own a house.

73. To help those who are less fortunate than you.

74. To go skinny dipping just like they do in movies.

75. To have breakfast in bed.

76. To own ten red coloured lipsticks.

77. To kick the butt of that guy who made fun of your clothes.

78. To take as many pictures as you want to.

79. To see Salman Khan get married!

80. To watch a movie that actually does justice to the book it’s inspired from!

80 suicide prevention day watching a movie

81. To go to the adventure park (most likely, Harry Potter World) you’ve always been waiting for.

82. To actually someday swim with the dolphins. (Yes, you can do that!)

83. To make your parents proud.

84. To actually make someone laugh in between tears.

85. To risk being caught while making out.

86. To experience the childlike joy of jumping on a trampoline!

87. To get that brain freeze after having a cold ice cream on a cold winter night!

88. To have another cup of coffee.

89. To finally fit into the pair of jeans you bought ages ago!

90. To wish upon a shooting star.

90 suicide prevention day make a wish

91. To watch your kids grow up.

92. To celebrate a cracker free Diwali.

93. To tell that random boy at the club how cute he looks.

94. To meet a Spanish boy and tell him “Ay bendito”.

95. To eat the spiciest noodles in the world!

96. To adopt a stray and tell him how precious he is.

97. To wake up every morning and tell yourself how amazing you are

98. To realise it’ll get better. It always does.

99. To know that you are perfect just as you are.


100 suicide prevention day you matter

Live on my friend, we care!


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