#BeautyDiaries: This Might Shock You But Shaving Your Skin Works!

#BeautyDiaries: This Might Shock You But Shaving Your Skin Works!

We have always, from the beginning of time, been brainwashed against shaving faces. Somehow, it has been ingrained in our system that using a shaver for any sort of hair removal is not good for you. From ‘the hair will grow out thicker’ to ‘it will ruin your skin’, we have heard it all and it’s almost like it’s set in stone now. So, when it came to shaving your face, we knew the answer was going to be a big fat NO, even before we began. I have always been someone with scanty hair growth, especially on the face. When I started waxing my body parts, I KNEW I wasn’t going to subject my face to that.

Internal shaving your face - girl shaving

Then came those times when I really wanted to wear a dress but hadn’t waxed, and one of those times I decided to just use the shaver. I thought all the things that my mom and aunties had warned me against, would happen, and I would be having thicker and darker hair growth. Thankfully, nothing like that happened to me. However, I was still a little sceptical to use a shaver on my face, so I decided to scour the internet to figure out if I could shave that face fuzz. The internet told me that shaving your face was perfectly okay, and that a lot of celebrities opted for this especially before a big red carpet event. I decided to finally give it a shot with a shaving cream and shaving kit.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you put a shaver to your face. There are a few types of shavers that you could consider using. Usually, a one blade razor, which is technically known as an eyebrow razor, would work best and would give you more control over areas that are more sensitive or tricky. Your lip area, for instance, requires you to shave your face with more precision, and the eyebrow razor will make that easier. If you have heavier growth to take care of, a razor made especially for women - something that is mild on the skin but would still give you a close and precise shave with a shaving cream - would work too.

Next step, you need to make sure your face is thoroughly cleansed before you shave. Ideally, use a scrub with micro particles before you shave, to sort of open up your pores so just one swipe would be enough. When using a shaving kit, use downward short strokes, always. If you have any active acne or open wounds, steer clear of those areas and use the brow shaver to maneuver around those areas.

I followed all these rules about shaving faces, and once I was done, my skin felt so smooth and soft. This is also because the process not only helps you get rid of facial hair, but also sloughs off layers of dry and dead skin. Apply a heavy duty moisturiser after you are done and that will get soaked into your skin a little better too! It makes your makeup go on smoother, gives you a glow, and because it's a shaver, you're physically exfoliating your skin - that’s great for anti-aging! Why do you think men look so youthful as they age? They shave their face more often that we women do!

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks


1. Face exfoliation. No scrub will ever give you the kind of dead skin removal as as shaving kit would.

2. Virtually painless. This trick is not at all painful and will not leave you with any marks, redness or burns, if executed properly.

3. On-the-go hair removal. It is something you can do wherever you are. Carry a shaver in your bag and use it just before a big event and you will see your makeup going on smoothly!

4. Can be used on dry skin.


1. If you have super heavy growth, it might look like it is growing back thicker but that is only because of the sharp edges.

2. Also, for those with heavy hair growth, you would have to shave your face more often than not.

3. These face shavers aren't incredibly sharp, but you'll want to be safe.

I can't stress this enough, just because I have written this and it is on the internet, do not follow it blindly. Only do this if you're comfortable about the whole process - like using a shaving cream or shaving kit. It's like waxing or any other form of hair removal. You'll need to test and see if it suits your skin and hair growth pattern! Until next time, ladies!