#BeautyDiaries: I Used To Love Wearing Lipstick, But Then...

#BeautyDiaries: I Used To Love Wearing Lipstick, But Then...

My love affair with lipstick goes a long way. What once began with ONE tinted lip balm made it’s way to a lip gloss, lipstick and finally settled at liquid lipsticks. As a beauty enthusiast (read: hoarder) I plan international trips around countries that sell brands I wish to hoard! On my recent trip to the USA, I pre-ordered myself about 20 Colorpop lipsticks and I was shook! I knew on first application that I had found my new lip love.

I rocked a different lipstick everyday and my lipstick choices were what we discussed at work and parties. Fast forward 4 months and I decided to move cities. As a Bombay girl by heart (I was born and brought up there), I’m not one to respond well to sudden change. I had to move to Gurgaon, and needless to say, the transition was difficult, mentally and emotionally. The change of weather, water and city took a toll on my skin and hair. I started to lose hair and break out terribly. I’ve never had acne per se, just a breakout here and there during that time of the month.

Internal stopped wearing lipstick

The acne left behind angry red scars that refused to heal. As a person who always had clear-ish skin, this new face shattered my confidence. I avoided social gatherings and events, played down my makeup and began to avoid bringing any attention to my face - I stopped wearing lipstick! I put away the lipstick and went back to a tinted lip balm! It may all just be in my head, but the pain is real!

For all those who suffer from acne and insecurity, it gets better, I promise! Just hold on and be patient. With time you learn to accept things for what they are and your confidence comes back. Your skin will heal and the emotional scars will fade with time.