When Do Women Have Their *Best* Orgasm? Research Reveals!

When Do Women Have Their *Best* Orgasm? Research Reveals!

Every woman’s experience with sex is different. And let’s just all accept that orgasms for women are more complicated than orgasms for men. However, if you’ve been thinking that you’ll be having the best sex of your life in your 20s only, surprisingly, you’re wrong! While they may be your most carefree and fun years sexually, they may not be the most satisfying, according to a recent survey!

In a survey commissioned by contraceptive app Natural Cycles, 2600 women were asked questions about their orgasms, who they feel the most attracted to, when do they feel the most attractive and how much they enjoyed having sex. They were divided on the basis of their age into younger (below 23), middle (23-35) and older (36 and above) and then their answers were analysed.

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Surprisingly, it was women over 36 who felt the most confident when it came to sexual attractiveness. Eight out of ten women of that age group said they felt sexy while the number for the younger age group was only seven out of ten and for the middle age group it was a very low four!

Even for orgasms, six out of ten women from the older group said they have had their best orgasms now compared to the five out of ten for the younger groups. Continuing with the surprises, 86% women in the older age group had better sex over the last four weeks compared to 76% of the middle age group and only 56% of the youngest!

Overall, when it came to frequency, over one fifth of the women said they had sex thrice a week while under one fifth said they had sex once a week. That’s a huge variation right there!

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So ladies, fret not, maybe this isn’t the best sex of your life! The best is yet to come!