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WhatsApp Is Here With A New Feature & We Have Mixed Feelings!

WhatsApp Is Here With A New Feature & We Have Mixed Feelings!

WhatsApp has rolled out yet another feature to up their game. As if the ‘filters’ weren’t enough, the app now lets you add a colourful background to a text status. Similar to the one Facebook has for its stories. WhatsApp’s new status update isn’t available to all the users yet, but the aim is to align the app’s features to its parent company, Facebook. You can check if you have the update by tapping on the Status tab on WhatsApp. To use the feature, tap on the pencil icon floating on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. This is what it looks like…

internal whatsapp new status update

These are 4 honest thoughts I have about the feature...

1. Not quite creative  

Aping a feature from Facebook just for the sake of ‘reviving’ WhatsApp isn’t the most creative idea ever.

2. Great for camera shy people!

If you’re good with words and don’t want to use your face or an image as your status, WhatsApp has a place for words now!  

3. It’s now a social media app

WhatsApp is now a combination of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. But where did the contact list go?

4. What happened to the good ol’ status?

Remember the good old text status updates? Why are we moving towards becoming a generation of people who constantly want to make a story out of everything?

What’s your take on the new feature? Let us know!