What To Do When He Asks If You’re A Virgin On The First Date?

What To Do When He Asks If You’re A Virgin On The First Date?

As wonderful a time it is for women to be conquering various spheres of life, there will always be a weirdo somewhere, who will deem it fit to judge a woman based on her virginity. Why should a woman’s sexual choice be a criteria for her character, but the same question doesn’t seem to apply for men who make similar choices? When a question was asked on the POPxo Community - How to respond to someone who asks ‘Are you a virgin’ on the first date, the answers came in fast and they were filled with razor wit and hilarity!

Take your pick from some of the best comebacks in town, ladies!

1. ‘Virgin? You want a woman or coconut oil?’ - OH SNAP!

He’s definitely going to need some aloe vera for that savage burn!

1 are you a virgin - oh snap

2. ‘Definitely no!’ - That’s how you do it!

Payel P. answers: “Definitely no. I got fucked up the moment I said yes to come to a date with you”

3. ‘I wish your mother remained a virgin’ - Ouch.

You should stop throwing questions for which the answers WILL be brutal, my friend.

3 are you a virgin - rihanna savage

4. ‘Vo kya hota hai bhai?’ - Ignorance is bliss!

Rakshitha P. chose the smart way out and suggested: “Vo kya hota hai Bhai!?”

5.  ‘Do you want to date me, or my virginity?’ - Get technical!

Ritu G. is asking all the right questions, as she says: Tell him, “You wanna date me or my virginity?”

5 are you a virgin - britney confused

6. ‘You’ll never know!’ - TA-DA!

Dhruman K. doles out sass with: “Just tell them ‘ou’ll never know!” Where’s the spark if there’s no mystery, darling?

7. ‘Tell them goodbye and leave’ - See you later, alligator!

“Tell them goodbye and leave. And then never go on a date with that person again.” Definitely! Your existence means nothing to me, anyway.

7 are you a virgin - boy bye

These were kickass! You go girls!

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