There Is Something Called A Super Orgasm And We Can’t Even!

There Is Something Called A Super Orgasm And We Can’t Even!

If you, like us, think you knew everything (or almost everything) about sex then here is a little something that is bound to blow your mind! We’re talking about ‘super orgasms’. Yes, you read that right! There is something called super orgasms and they are bigger and better than anything else you’ve ever known.

A super orgasm is basically when a woman has 100 multiple orgasms in a row. Yes, one after the other, ONE HUNDRED orgasms!

Intro super orgasm - surprised girl

A documentary on talks about super orgasms and what a woman needs to do achieve one, even when it sounds so unachievable!

To get to the epitome of pleasure that we will now refer to as the super orgasm you need to have three things in order.

1. You need to be relaxed

By relaxed we don’t mean you go and have a cup of coffee. You actually need to practice to keep your mind calm and focussed. Start with breathing exercises every morning and any other form of mind relaxing activities that work for you.

1 super orgasm - deep breaths

2. You need to get some yoga in your routine

Yoga, of course, is the answer to almost half your troubles in life (maybe even more). Learn some yoga routines or poses and incorporate them in your day to day life.

2 super orgasm - yoga namaste

3. You need to be emotionally connected with your partner

You can’t quite achieve a super orgasm during a one night stand. Until you are emotionally connected with your partner, you won’t be able to let all your inhibitions go completely, which in turn will stop you from really going all out!

3 super orgasm - cute couple

So there you go - that’s what you need to know about super orgasms for now. We know it sounds super unrealistic but hey, if some women have achieved it then so can you!

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