What Does His Facebook Profile Say About Him As A Boyfriend?

What Does His Facebook Profile Say About Him As A Boyfriend?

There are tons of things that social media can tell us. It is especially effective when you have met someone new and are trying to figure out if he is relationship worthy or not. You are bound to get some social media snooping done. But how do you know when to read in between the lines? Here are 7 things his Facebook profile says about him as a boyfriend!

1. Hello, DP!

For obvious reasons, you will see his Facebook display picture first. No, we’re not being shallow. It’s right there! There are various different kinds of DPs though and you will have to figure out which kind is his favourite.

a. DP with friends: This could be him drinking or partying. So he is definitely a social animal. Loves to talk and meet new people. However, if he is way past his college days and is still posting pictures of cool party nights every day, you might want to think if you can keep up with his pace.

b. DP in office a.k.a. Boring DP: Just because he is an office suit sitting on his desk looking at his desktop, don’t think he is super boring. Chances are he is Facebook friends with his boss! Which could mean he is more responsible about his social behaviour and even his relationship?

c. Adventure junkie: If the guy has more profile pictures of him jumping off cliffs and diving into deep seas then you know for sure he will always be up for trying new things in your relationship. However, at the same time, he will always value his freedom over any kind of commitment and that is something you should acknowledge at the very beginning!

d. DP with a pet: We all love a man with a dog but too many pictures with just his pet can get quite...boring. Is his pet the only highlight in his life? Oh but he looks super cute...the dog, we mean!

e. DP with a hot girl: This is the most confusing DP guys have. Who is she? Is she your girlfriend? Your friend? Sister? Who?! If their last names are same then there is a chance she is related to him. However, if not then you should tread carefully.

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2. How often does he update his status?

If he frequently updates his Facebook profile with statuses then you know he loves to talk to the world. He’d even love to meet you and hang out with you because socializing is his thing. However, too many updates can also be sort of a turn-off. If he thinks it’s cool to narrate his entire everyday life on Facebook then, well, you can give it some second thoughts. On the other hand, if he is more on the ‘one update in a few months’ category, he doesn’t think much of social media. Maybe he just likes spending some alone time at home. Which could easily equal to cuddles for you in the future!

3. What does he write in his updates?

It is extremely important to see not only how often he updates his profile but what he says in those status updates. For example, if he is always whining about something in life then that could just be the kind of person he is, meaning there will be tons of complaining!

3 his facebook profile says - guy texting

4. Where all has he been checking in?

It is important to know what kind of places your potential crush is visiting. And it is easier to know that through Facebook check-ins. If he is always going to parties and different clubs then he likes his wild, crazy nights. The best kind of boyfriend would be someone who can find a balance between wild pub nights and calm cafe evenings.

5. Does he have a ton of friends?

Having a huge gang of people as friends on Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. It just means he is good at making friends and can hold conversations. Which is good news, right? You won’t be the only one trying. Of course, this can also been he is a little over-ambitious when it comes to his social life. But don’t get intimidated by the number of friends he has. And especially don’t get scared if he doesn’t have too many friends, then he just likes his small circle of trust.

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6. Is he taking a lot of quizzes and posting results?

Quizzes are the new ‘IT’ thing on the internet. But is he posting too many of them? While they are definitely fun, it can mean he is pretty competitive in nature. Now it depends on you whether you can turn this in your favour or not!

7. Does he play games on Facebook?

We all love playing a few games in between a workday. Which means he probably loves having fun in real life too. However, if he is spamming you with those game requests and is on it non-stop then that would mean he a bit distracted. Also he is great at avoiding responsibility because he would rather be playing FIFA anyway!

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