Here’s What Your Boyfriend’s Handwriting Says About Him!

Here’s What Your Boyfriend’s Handwriting Says About Him!

They say that written script can reveal a lot about a person’s personal traits. The size of your letters, the amount of pressure you put on your pen when it touches the paper, the way you space your words - surprisingly ALL of it links back to one’s personality. For the thrill of it, why don’t you analyze your boyfriend’s handwriting? We bet you’ll learn some new and exciting things about him. So ladies, what does your guy’s handwriting say about him? Read on to find out!  

1. If his words are always slanted to the right

He loves meeting new people and is always the life of the party! He’s a natural storyteller and spending time with him is always a delightful experience. He speaks his mind and most of the time, is in a happy, jolly mood.

1 your guys handwriting

2. If his words are slightly left slanted

As a person, he’s very secretive. He only opens up to a few people and doesn’t enjoy making small talk. He is self-sufficient and usually does things alone. Instead of going out and socializing, he likes staying in and spending time with only you.

3. If he puts pressure when writing his sentences

When your man makes a promise, he’s bound to stick to it. He’s the kind of guy who sticks to commitment and stands for righteousness. An extremely intelligent man who swears by knowledge. At times, he could get emotional, but that’s because he feels so much and loves so passionately.  

3 your guys handwriting smart guy

4. If his words are written in a fine and light fashion

It’s extremely difficult to figure out what is running through your man’s mind, because he’s so good at hiding his feelings! He doesn’t take things personally and lets go of situations which are out of his control. He can detach easily and likes to keep his personal life private.  

5. If he prefers small text

The guy clearly has an artistic side to him. He pays attention to detail and has a flair for all things creative. When given a task, he makes sure that he pours his heart and soul into it. Multitasking isn’t his scene and he would rather focus on doing a good job at one thing instead of multiple.

5 your guys handwriting

6. If he writes in big, bold text

His perspective on life is different. He thinks out of the box and his personality is anything but ordinary. He likes to have a voice and most of the time, he’s able to get the message across because of his brilliant communication skills.

7. If his letters are always written in a straight angle

He thinks with his mind and not his heart. The world may pressure him to change and adapt, but he won’t. He’s certain of what he wants and won’t stop at nothing to achieve his goals. The perks of having him as a boyfriend is that he’s put a lot of thought into your relationship. He knows for a fact that you’re the real deal.

7 your guys handwriting

8. If he likes to keep a decent amount of space in between words

This guy happens to be one the most chilled out people out there. Freedom and space matter to him immensely. He’s an extremely honest and confident person and dislikes being questioned. He spends most of his time outdoors and hopes for you to someday join him too in his adventures.

9. If he doesn’t like spacing between words

Very often he struggles to manage his time and workload. He doesn’t fancy staying alone and is usually spotted hanging around with a lot of people. Plus, everything he does in life, he rushes through it. You need to help your man keep calm and relax.

9 your guys handwriting

10. If he crosses the letter t like this...

The way he crosses his t’s says a A LOT about his personality. If there’s a high cross in his t, then the guy has high standards. His goals are big and his plans to achieving them are even bigger. He willingly accepts challenges and tries his best to ace them. However, if he low crosses his t's, he may need a bit of confidence boost. The guy is sensitive, but you can always count on him to have your back when you need him.

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