shweta pandit

When Two Cultures & Hearts Meet: This Love Story Is So *Dreamy*

Manvi Malhotra

Senior Wedding Writer

People have varied opinions about the four letter word - LOVE. Some believe it exists, some don’t. But, a simple bolt of cupid has the power to change your beliefs forever. This is the story of a beautiful girl, who had been living with the belief that fairytale love doesn’t exist in real life. And then, she met her Prince Charming who changed her opinions, and her life...Forever! And the girl is none other than the famous bollywood singer, Shweta Pandit and her Italian husband, Ivano Fucci. Their love story will make you believe in the power of love, and oh, in fairytales! Check out their mesmerizing wedding teaser shot by The Wedding Story. We just cannot get over how beautiful it is.

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Published on Aug 25, 2017
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