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Work + Shaadi Planning? 11 *Lifesaving* Tips From A Real Bride!

Work + Shaadi Planning? 11 *Lifesaving* Tips From A Real Bride!

Dear Working Brides to Be,

I have also been in your shoes and have planned my wedding while having to go to work. And I completely understand that it is not an easy task! You need to coordinate with your vendors while working on those office excel sheets. During this process, I realised that I needed to follow some simple rules to make life easier not only for me but also for my loved ones. Thus, I am here to share some wedding planning tips that helped me manage my work and plan my big day without having to go crazy!

1. Inform your boss

You might not disclose your wedding date to your extended family and friends, but you need your boss to be one of the first few people to know about it as soon as your wedding date is fixed. After all, your boss is the one who sanctions your half days and many work from home ones.

1 wedding planning tips - inform your boss

2. Reach work early

Rather than slogging off until late evening, it is better to start early. I made it a point to start my day early so that I could wrap up by early evening.This not only helped me get home on time but also eased in scheduling meetings with vendors in the evening.

3. Research in your free time

Rather than scrolling through social media, I suggest you utilize your time on researching on wedding vendors and setting up meetings with them. Trust me, this really helped avoid those extra hours on research at night-time.

3 wedding planning tips - girl laptop

4. Hire a planner

Initially, I was a bit apprehensive and wanted to handle everything on my own But slowly, I realised that this was not feasible. Hiring a wedding planner was one of the most sensible things I did. The times when I was not available to meet/talk to vendors, my planner was there, which definitely made things easier.

5. Parlour appointments

In between the wedding planning craziness, I did not want my hair and skin to suffer. I made it a point to visit the parlour every Saturday for either a hair spa, facial or a manicure/pedicure session. This not only helped in getting that coveted bridal glow but also helped in unwinding and getting some time away from the wedding stress.

5 wedding planning tips - hair treatment

6. Delegate duties

As much as I wanted to be a part of everything, I realised that it was not possible to do everything by myself. I could not be available at two different places at the same time and thus, decided to delegate duties to make things easier and faster!

7. Make time for exercise

No matter what, I always tried to squeeze in an hour either in the morning or in the evening to sweat it out in the gym. I did not want to ignore my health in between all the wedding planning, and thus somehow planned to visit it at least 3 times a week.

7 wedding planning tips - exercise

8. Use travel time

Rather than listening to music while travelling, I started to use my travel time in making calls to vendors, search the net and make bookings for makeup trials.

9. Let your colleague take over

During the planning phase, I realised that I could not always be available for client meetings because of my busy schedule. Therefore, I started to introduce my clients to my colleagues incase they were unable to get in touch with me. This really helped, as I successfully carried on both my work and other wedding related meetings successfully.

9 wedding planning tips - delegate

10. Wedding email address

I made a wedding email account. I gave a separate email address to all the wedding vendors and my planners for easy contact. This helped me keep my work emails and wedding planning related emails separate.

11. Things will fall in place

There were times I used to freak out as things were getting too stressful. But at such times, it is important to keep faith in yourself and the ones close to you.Now that I am married, I realised that the whole wedding planning phase is quite fun. One should enjoy every moment of it and trust that everything else would automatically fall into place.

11 wedding planning tips - anne hathaway


A been there done that bride!

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Published on Aug 11, 2017
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