Dear Boyfriend, 10 Ways You Can Make Me Feel Better When I PMS!

Dear Boyfriend, 10 Ways You Can Make Me Feel Better When I PMS!

Dear Boyfriend,

It’s that time of the month again and you and I both know how much I dread facing those five days. Yes, I get moody, yes, I get emotional and yes, I feel sensitive, but I still love you to bits! If I ever snap at you, I want you to not take any of it to heart. Instead, I need you to be my biggest pillar of strength and my bestest friend when I’m feeling low. After all, only you know how to put an end to my rant and cure my PMS mood swings in the cutest way possible. You’re like my knight in shiny armour!

1. Breakfast in bed would be delightful

You know what would be even more amazing? Having both, breakfast and you, in bed. *Wink*

1 pms mood breakfast in bed

2. Cuddle up with me all day long, will you?

Let’s do nothing, but cuddle all day long! Did I tell you that you give the best bear hugs EVER? I’m so lucky to have you.

3. Let’s binge on a hot tub of caramel and cheese popcorn together!

I’m even game for ice-cream, chocolates and cake - take your pick?

3 pms mood popcorn couple

4. How about doing a movie marathon?

Not just rom-coms, I’m even cool with thrillers, horrors or soppy dramas. We can totally ‘chill’ after.

5. Or indulging in some much-needed online retail therapy?

Since neither of us wants to step out, there’s always the internet!

5 pms mood shopping

6. Giving me a massage will make you the best boyfriend EVER

After all, only you know how to pamper me like a princess.

7. I’d like to share the bathtub with you

And one by one, fulfil all your naughty fantasies.

7 pms mood bathtub

8. Candlelight dinner with soft music playing in the background is the dream!

Having a boyfriend like you make all of my dreams come true.

9. A short drive and phones switched off would be blissful

No answering calls, nor replying to text messages, just two love birds on an adventure.

9 pms mood drive

10. Calling our friends over and cooking dinner for all of us!

This one can be bit of a long shot. But bringing the people whom I love under one roof would mean the world to me and definitely take my mind off those painful cramps.

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