#HeSays: 7 Ways EVERY Man Wishes To Be Woken Up!

#HeSays: 7 Ways EVERY Man Wishes To Be Woken Up!

#HeSays: 7 Ways Every Man Wishes To Be Woken Up!

There are many creative ways to wake up someone - especially, if that someone is your partner. Some of them are the cruelest pranks out there and the others…they’re what dreams (or fantasies) are made of. Here are the top ones on every guy’s list!

1. Breakfast in bed

Come on, ladies, please tell us you guessed this?! There’s nothing better than waking up to a hearty meal in bed. A little bit of bacon and eggs, with a side of sausage…HEAVEN.

2. Or a blow job in bed

Speaking of sausage…the feeling of being woken up by your mouth doing things down there is out of this world. Like, it’s the biggest fantasy!

2 ways to wake up - guy smiling bed

3. A nude you

Even without the sex, just waking up to your naked body ensures that our day gets the best beginning and that we’ll be smiling all day long.

4. A, well, just a nude

We get that you can’t always be around to personally wake us up. We really do. But in those situations, waking up to a nude picture of you is the closest it can get to perfection.

4 ways to wake up - guy on phone

5. Our favourite tv show

Our brain is not always in the gutter. Binge watching is our shared favourite pastime and we love waking up on lazy days to the theme song of a show we can watch for many hours with you.  

6. A massage!

It’s true, a massage is good at any point during the day. But to wake up to one? By you? Do we even need to explain how totally AWESOME that would be? Best. Day. Ever!

6 ways to wake up - chuck bass

7. Morning sex!

Last but never the least - morning sex is one of the best kinds of sex out there. Waking up to it, especially if you’ve taken the initiative to have gotten started already is, like, mind-f*cking-blowing. No, really.

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