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10 Pleasure Spots That Will Make Your Man Ask For So Much More!

10 Pleasure Spots That Will Make Your Man Ask For So Much More!

Unlike what they tell you in Bollywood movies and racy romances, men aren’t always horny. Sometimes, they want their partners to pamper, spoil and tease them, instead of them having to ask for it! Sometimes, they desire to be caressed and seduced into the act of making love. Allow us to urge you to turn on your husband then. And while you’re at it, may we suggest these pleasure spots that you can spend a little time exploring? Trust us, he’d love it!

1. Plant soft kisses down his neck.

Try giving those soft, light kisses on the nape of his neck to turn him on and tell us if he didn’t like it. The neck is a sensitive area with many nerve endings that are lying in wait to be pleased - if only you’ll do your part by alternately planting soft and hard kisses on them.

1 - turn on your husband

2. Play with his nipples.

Busting popular myth that a man’s nipples have been fitted in only for aesthetic and decorative purposes – we’d urge you to play with them. Suck, lick, bite – do your thing girl, turn on your husband, and watch him writhe in excitement.

3. Tear ‘em hair on his head.

Not literally, duh! Pass your fingers through his hair, mess them up, hold his head tight and control its’ movement as you move in to kiss him. Let him know who’s in charge and pull down at his hair if he doubts your command even once. This is sure to turn him on and get him going!

3 - turn on your husband

4. Find new things to do with his tongue.

Add zing to your long, slow kisses by getting the tongue involved. Wrap your tongue around his and suck at it or just tease it with circling motions. The mouth is a great territory to go exploring - make sure you leave no space unmapped.

5. Lick his ear lobes.

Who would have thought these tiny, seemingly useless drops of skin could lead to feverish excitement? Their super power lies in the ticklish effect they can have on the human body if they’re shown enough love. Go, show them some love and turn on your husband with raunchy moves of your tongue!

5 - turn on your husband

6. Caress his lower back.

At the bottom of his spinal cord lies the key to pleasure. This is where pleasure nerves extend downwards to his package and drive him crazy with pleasure. So if you push his buttons here, you’d be turning him on and starting off the night on an absolutely right note.

7. Bring your focus on ‘the small P’ Or, the Perineum

It’s the area between his anus and testicles. Since the devil lies in the details, we’d suggest you pay more attention to the detailing in and around his “package”. This area is super sensitive and a slight touch in the right spot can turn on your husband on the spot and do wonders for your sexual life!

7 - turn on your husbandt

8. Let’s get down to ‘the big P’ already!

His penis is not just a jewel hanging there waiting to rise to an occasion, but a sum of many parts that serve to send him into a pleasure frenzy. So when you’re getting handsy with him down there, give all parts – the head and the flesh underneath it – equal attention. It’ll turn him on and eventually drive him crazy.

9. Now, get your hands on his balls…

Play with them however you like, as long as you’re careful about not hurting them. They’re fragile little things and you’ve got to handle them with much care.

9 - turn on your husband

10. Give his tired feet a good ol’ massage!

Warm a little oil and use it to push several points in his feet – his toes, his ankle, the hollow above the ankle. Tickle him behind his knees and watch him turn on and get into the mood to give you back in kind! *winks*

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