10 Simple Ways To Be *More* Confident On A First Date!

10 Simple Ways To Be *More* Confident On A First Date!

We often expect our first dates to be like in the movies. Him swooning you off your feet at a fancy restaurant and you blushing incessantly with the number of compliments coming your way. Real life is not far removed from such carefully constructed visual storytelling, but we have to know how to make it work our way. If you are having cold feet on a first date, here are 10 ways you can be confident on a first date.

1. Don’t overthink it

That is easier said than done but at this point, nothing is at stake! You literally don’t know if you are going to like him even. So just go with an open mind and enjoy yourself.

2. Dress comfortably

Girls, how you look has less to do with what you wear and depends more on how you carry yourself. So even if you feel comfortable in a pair of jeans, rather than a dress, by all means, wear them so that you feel at ease in your own skin!
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3. Give yourself a pep talk

Look into the mirror, ladies. At the risk of sounding crazy, talk to yourself. That face has aced interviews and college admissions, broken hearts and has had her heart broken. This might not be the last date you go to but you will definitely take it as it comes and live in the moment!

3 confident on a first date - girl getting ready

4. Lower your expectations

It might not be all rainbows and butterflies, and you might not want to kiss him on the first date and he might not be THAT funny or a smooth talker because he is as nervous as you. Lowering your expectations in this regard might not be a bad thing as it will only make you give your date (and yourself) a second chance!

5. Listen to some fine music

While waiting for him to pick you up, turn up the volume on your favourite playlist. Listen to all the Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Britney Spears numbers so that you walk out of your door feeling like a goddamn queen!

6. Be yourself

We couldn’t stress on this enough girls. If you are awkward, shy and have a quirky sense of humour, he has to like you for what you are. Otherwise, what’s the point really?

6 confident on a first date - girl talking

7. Let go of the pressure  

So, yes you have been dating for some time now. And the idea of meeting ‘the one’ feels like a dismal dream. But what if you took that pressure off yourself? After all, you are stepping out, taking chances, just so that you can meet and connect with someone like minded. One step at a time, ladies.

8. Put your phone away

That is just basic good manners once you have met your date. Understandably, your best friends are excited, happy and worried for you - but you can always give them the deets once you’re back home.

9. Smile girl!

You are here to have an amazing time together so just flash that grin girl!

9 confident on a first date - girl talking

10. Be open to the experience

Dating requires patience and an ability to just be irreverent and welcoming to newer experiences. Once you have acknowledged that, you are ready for your date!  

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