Vagina Makeup For Your *First Night*? Yes, You Read That Right!

Vagina Makeup For Your *First Night*? Yes, You Read That Right!

The beauty industry is constantly coming up with new and crazy WTF make up trends. The latest on the block is vaginal makeup! Yep, it’s makeup for your Vag. Now that we have your attention, we’re curious to know if you’d be game to try this crazy AF trend!

If you’re worried about how your honeypot will look when your significant other gets his first sneak peek, check out this new Scandinavian brand The Perfect V. They have a visionary new product line focused on pampering and enhancing the sexual appeal of your Vag (because why not, right?) Their millennial pink and rose gold packaging definitely makes a strong point.


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So, stop whatever you're doing and take a good long look at your honeypot. Does it need some loving? The brand just dropped 8 intriguing products you may want to try before your first night. The new V-Beauty line has a moisturiser, exfoliator, anti-ageing serum, highlighter and fragrance mist among others! All the products are dedicated to pampering and indulging your nether-lands, promising to keep them fresh, bright, hydrated, glowy and of course, wrinkle free! Their vaginal luminizer claims to leave your V with a luminous iridescent highlight. If your face strobing game may be weak, it’s time to master vaginal strobing, maybe?

So what do you think about this new makeup trend? Revolutionary or unnecessary? You decide!