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Vagina Nails, Penis Eyeliner & Other WTF Beauty Trends!

Vagina Nails, Penis Eyeliner & Other WTF Beauty Trends!

If you think you’ve seen it all, then you have been living under a rock, girl! SO much has been going on in the world of beauty and there are some crazy trends floating around our Instagram feeds. These are the trends you never asked for, but here they are, in crafty and explicit forms. These beauty trends might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no harm in giving them a try. The world’s your oyster, after all, ladies!

1. Studded Lips


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Studded lips are all over the internet and we think it’s one of the most popular beauty trend of 2017. This wild trend offers a (major) update on glitter lips which is bold and SO out there. If you’re looking to make a seriously dazzling statement, you know what to try!

2. Coloured Lashes

One can only think of themed parties when it comes to coloured mascaras, right? Because where else would you wear it? This makeup trend is so in, that you don’t need to be invited to an 80s themed party to wear it. You can get this bold makeup look with either falsies or coloured mascaras. Of course, you don’t need to opt for such a bright colour, something a bit more muted is a smart way to try the trend without getting people to do a double take.

3. Vagina Nails

The newest of all the trends, vagina nails (or vaginails), like boob nails are in vogue for a reason. These explicit 3D nail art designs celebrate womanhood and comes in all shapes and sizes. So, when are you booking an appointment for your own set of vaginails?

4. Penis Eyeliner

Yes, this is a picture of a woman wearing eyeliner in the shape of a penis. Just when you thought they couldn’t be even more creative with eyeliner… The world is full of surprises, ladies! The million dollar question is, will you wear it?

5. Coloured Eyebrows

Forget hair, people are colouring their eyebrows these days! If you’re all for experimenting with this beauty trend, do send us a picture. Maybe you can match it with unicorn hair colour. *Wink*

6. Bubble clay mask


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Bubble masks are the new sheet masks, everyone’s obsessed with them. Apart from looking hilarious, this mask boasts of cleansing your skin deeply and getting rid of blackheads. It’s all over instagram and we’re dying to get our hands on this one!

7. LED Lashes

The future of beauty is here and in the form of a wearable tech you never needed. These reusable babies come in different colours and are powered by a battery attached to your head as hair clips. This trend looks like fun!

8. Unicorn Nails


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From unicorn highlighters to makeup brushes, the unicorn rage has reached new levels -  everyone is crazy about it! So why shouldn’t unicorn nail art be a trend? It looks so glittery and pretty, doesn’t?